‘Dance Moms’ Kelly Hyland Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

Kelly, Josh, Paige, and Brooke Hyland

Dance Moms star Kelly Hyland has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. This is sad news for all fans to hear. Kelly is currently going through treatment. Her children have been supporting her through this difficult time. However, Kelly was a fan favorite on the show. Fans loved hearing her talk back to Abby Miller and standing up for her daughters. Keep reading to find out more about her diagnosis.

Brooke And Paige Support Mother

Brooke and Paige Hyland are known for their time on Dance Moms. The two were young in their dance careers. They were known for being two of Abby Lee Miller’s targets every week. Brooke and Paige were constantly being put down by Abby. Although, they left when they had enough. This was after Kelly and Abby got into a fight where Kelly hit Abby and pulled her hair. However, the girls recently went on the reunion and discussed their hard times during the show. Now, they are supporting their mother while she goes through this hard time. They got her a wig made and have been by her side.

Cast of Dance Moms reunion from JoJo Siwa's Instagram
Cast of Dance Moms reunion from JoJo Siwa’s Instagram

Kelly Hyland Opens Up About Cancer Diagnosis

Kelly Hyland recently opened up about her cancer diagnosis.

“The first red flag was my significant weight loss, I lost enough that others noticed and would ask for my dieting hacks, but there was nothing I had changed in my day-to-day to cause the loss. I had just had one done eight months prior and the results came back clean, however, this new mammogram and sonogram did not, it came back showing a mass.”

Hyland has been using a cooling cap to help with hair loss. She has undergone six chemo treatments already. However, she still has 11 to go and surgery to go through. Fans are with her and want to give her the support she is going to need. She said one of the hardest things was calling each of her children to tell them about the diagnosis. However, they have all been supportive.


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It seems this is going to be a hard journey for Kelly and her family. Especially since Kelly’s mother passed away due to breast cancer. However, Kelly has a lot of support from family and friends. Her children have made her feel loved and supported. However, Kelly admitted she is having a hard time accepting help as she is an independent person. What do you think about this? Sound off in the comments below.

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