‘The Valley’ Set For No Reunion: Fans Blame One Bravo Star

The Valley Women

The Valley is not going to have a reunion episode and fans are blaming one person from Bravo. Viewers are upset the show is not getting a reunion episode. If Vanderpump Rules gets a reunion, why doesn’t The Valley? However, people are pointing the finger at one of the famous Bravo stars. Keep reading to find out all of the details.

No Reunion For The Valley

There have been rumors that the show will not get a reunion episode. However, Kristen Doute and her boyfriend, Luke Broderick recently confirmed the rumors.

“No reunion. I think it is out there that we aren’t having a reunion. But regardless, it is 100 percent true,”

Kristen the replied:

“Yeah, we don’t know for sure, guys, we have technically not been picked up, asked back.”

Kristen also revealed that the ratings for the first season were spectacular and there is no reason they shouldn’t have a second season. There has been plenty of drama happen this season and there is plenty more for a second season. Fans are unsure why Vanderpump Rules is still airing if The Valley gets cut.

The Valley-Bravo
The Valley-Bravo

Who Do Fans Think Holds The Blame?

Fans think Andy Cohen is the reason there is going to be no reunion. 

  • “The Valley not having a reunion is a crime. We desperately need another reunion host for non housewives shows because I think this is the result of Andy not being able/not wanting to do it #TheValley,”
  • “It’s honestly a crime against humanity that #TheValley won’t have a reunion. They thought that the dry ass season of #PumpRules deserved a reunion but not The Valley?”
  • “What?!?!? They delivered! They DESERVED a reunion!!! #TheValley If it’s a money issue, #VPR is boring, ax their reunion,”
  • “It doesn’t make sense for bravo to NOT have a reunion for #TheValley,”

It is safe to say fans are not happy with what is going on in the Bravo community right now.

Andy Cohen-YouTube
Andy Cohen-YouTube

It seems Andy Cohen is getting the heat for this one. Fans think he was asked to host it and turned it down. Does he have that bad of a history with Jax or Kristen that he refuses to host the episode? If that is the case, maybe they should find someone else to host. Regardless, fans are mad and will continue to demand the show gets a reunion. There is a lot of drama that happened this season that needs to be uncovered. What do you think about it? Sound off in the comments below.

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