Andy Cohen Under Fire For Huge ‘The Valley’ Mishap

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Andy Cohen is coming under fire for a huge mishap regarding The Valley. The Vanderpump Rules spinoff has become a massive hit for Bravo. Unfortunately, things are not going the way the stars or fans would have wanted them to go. So, what does Andy have to do with it all? Keep reading for more details.

Andy Cohen Under Fire For Huge The Valley Mishap

The Valley has become a runaway hit with some viewers preferring it over Vanderpump Rules. More so, it was great to have Jax Taylor and Kristen Doute back on television. Both reality stars were let go from VPR in 2020 after Season 8, along with Brittany Cartwright and it has not been the same. Kristen did come back to the show for the Season 10 finale to visit Ariana Madix after ‘Scandoval’ broke as she had also dated Tom Sandoval. As for Jax, he and Brittany had their own show on Peacock during ‘Scandoval’ as well as a podcast.

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This was the perfect time to bring the three VPR alums back. Unfortunately, Jax and Brittany as well as Jesse and Michelle Lally separated before the series premiere. That made some people question if they would tune in but it became an unexpected hit for Bravo. Recently, Kristen shared that the show may not get a reunion and that was sad because there were unresolved issues that needed to be cleared up. Now, according to The Sun, fans of the show are mad at Bravo’s very own Andy Cohen over this as he is the reunion host for all of the shows.

On Thursday, May 2nd, Kristen’s boyfriend, Luke Broderick, confirmed there would officially be no reunion via their Balancing Act podcast:

“No reunion. I think it is out there that we aren’t having a reunion. But regardless, it is 100 percent true. There will not be a reunion.”

Fans immediately went after Andy Cohen for this, as well as the network:

What About Season 2?

So, there will be no reunion for the premiere season of The Valley but what about a Season 2? Brittany Cartwright was pretty convinced there would be another season and a reunion. However, Kristen Doute gave her thoughts on what was going on:

“Yeah, we don’t know for sure, guys. We have technically not been picked up, asked back. We hope and assume we will be back for Season 2. It has just not been officially told to us.”

She added that the ratings were amazing so that does bode well for the show but time will tell what will happen next. As for not having a reunion, that is all on Bravo as Andy Cohen only produces Housewives and WWHL. He merely hosts the reunions. Now, keep in mind, Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard did not have a reunion for Season 1 but will have one for Season 2.

Do you blame Andy for this mishap or do you know that Bravo calls the shots? Furthermore, do you think a reunion is necessary? Let us know in the comments and watch The Valley Tuesdays on Bravo.

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