Lexi Young Spills Tea On Daisy Kent’s New Boyfriend

Daisy Kent/Credit: ABC YouTube

Bachelor contestant Lexi Young spills the tea on friend and former co-star Daisy Kent’s new boyfriend. Keep reading to find out what Lexi really thinks of him.

Bachelor Alum Soft-Launches New Man

Rumors are rampant on social media that Daisy Kent has a new man in her life. Some fans even wonder if she turned down The Bachelorette because she’s already found love. However, she continues to play coy about her alleged beau.

She took to her Instagram to share a soft-launch of the new relationship. The photo only shows a man’s hand on her thigh. The two appear to be relaxing on a dock on the water. Mountains and the sunset add to the romantic feel of the snapshot.

Daisy Kent/Credit: ABC YouTube
Daisy Kent/Credit: ABC YouTube

She didn’t tag anyone or add any text to the photo, letting it speak for itself. Multiple media outlets have identified her boyfriend as Thor Herbst, an old friend from college. He reportedly reached out to her after seeing her on The Bachelor.

Lexi Young Spills Tea On Daisy Kent’s New Boyfriend

Daisy Kent and her new man haven’t gone public on social media. But that doesn’t mean they are keeping their romance a secret. They displayed some very public PDA during the Stagecoach festival last month.

Furthermore, several of Daisy’s Bachelor co-stars have met him, including Lexi Young. Lexi left The Bachelor in week six after realizing that she and Joey Graziadei wanted different things. She wanted a short engagement and children ASAP. However, he wanted a long engagement and to put off having kids for a while.

Lexi Young via YouTube 7
Lexi Young/Credit: ABC YouTube

She left on friendly terms with both Joey and the other women in the house. Lexi revealed to Us Weekly that she’s still in touch with Daisy Kent and yes, she’s met Daisy’s new beau.

“I have FaceTimed with Daisy and he was there,” Lexi spilled. So, what was her impression?

“She’s really happy. I’ll just say that,” was all Lexi would say.

Daisy Kent said as much herself during a recent appearance on Hannah Brown’s podcast. “And I’m just, I’m happy, and I didn’t think all of this would come, like, evolve from doing what I did, but it did,” Daisy revealed.

Credit: Daisy Kent Instagram
Credit: Daisy Kent Instagram

The Bachelor runner-up doesn’t seem to be ready to go official with her boyfriend on social media. She previously revealed how hard it was to deal with online hate. That could be why she’s hesitant to let the entire internet in on her new relationship.

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  1. So happy Daisy is happy and found someone to share her time with. I really believe she was hurt after leaving the show. I am also glad she still is friends with Kelsey and many of the other young women.

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