Daisy Kent Packs On The PDA With Rumored New Boyfriend

Daisy Kent/Credit: Daisy Kent Instagram

Bachelor Nation fans really wanted Daisy Kent as the next Bachelorette. But it seems she’s found love without the help of a reality TV show. She has reportedly rekindled a romance with someone she used to date in college.

The Bachelor alum Daisy Kent hasn’t gone Instagram official with her new boyfriend just yet, but she shared a PDA-filled date with her new man. Keep reading for more.

Daisy Kent Attends First Stagecoach Festival

Daisy Kent is clearly moving past her heartbreaking experience on The Bachelor by living her best life. After leaning into the social media influencer lifestyle, she took advantage of one of the perks.

She was among several Bachelor Nation stars to attend the Stagecoach music festival in Indio, California last month. Daisy shared a few photos from the festival on her Instagram. “Not my first rodeo but my first stagecoach,” she captioned the photo carousel.

Daisy Kent/Credit: Daisy Kent Instagram
Daisy Kent/Credit: Daisy Kent Instagram

She reportedly didn’t attend the event solo.

Bachelor Star Packs On The PDA With Rumored New Boyfriend

Daisy Kent has confirmed on multiple podcasts that she’s been exclusively dating someone after breaking up with Joey Graziadei. The Bachelor Season 28 runner-up hasn’t publicly shared the name of her new beau.

However, media outlets have confirmed through sources that she’s dating Thor Herbst, an old pal from college.

Daisy Kent and Thor Herbst/Credit: Reddit
Daisy Kent and Thor Herbst/Credit: Reddit

Photos surfaced on a Reddit thread of Daisy and her rumored new beau packing on the PDA in a car heading to the music festival.

Fans React To The Photos

Bachelor Nation fans have a lot of opinions about Daisy Kent’s new relationship. Some doubt her claims that the romance had nothing to do with turning down The Bachelorette.

Daisy Kent and Thor Herbst/Credit: Reddit
Daisy Kent and Thor Herbst/Credit: Reddit

Check out some social media comments about Daisy and her rumored beau.

  • Why didn’t she just say she was seeing someone instead of all that “I’m not ready” bs about not being the bachelorette
  • Daisy isnt the first one that went far and ended up with an ex boyfriend. Maybe the show makes them realize that they do belong with an ex or that she didnt feel wanted and felt more validated or comforted by an ex.
  • Why do these look like photos they show at a sorority pinning
  • I think it’s very easy for Daisy to say now that she thought she was trying to force it with Joey all along, when she knew what she wanted the outcome to be (get back with her ex).
  • She is way out of his league is the nicest thing I could say.
  • This is actually the first time it looks like she’s really smiling.
  • Let’s be honest, she was never that into Joey

What do you think of Daisy Kent’s PDA-filled weekend at Stagecoach? Sound off in the comments.

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