‘Bachelor’ Daisy Kent Says ‘No More Roses, Just Daisies’

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Bachelor runner-up Daisy Kent made history on the show when she went to Kelsey Anderson and told her Joey Graziadei was not going to pick her. She knew that Joey wanted to be with Kelsey. So, the two rode to the final rose ceremony together. Daisy went and told Joey she knew it wasn’t her and wished him the best. With her head held high, she walked herself out. Now, a few days after the shocking finale, she is speaking out to Bachelor Nation. What did she say? Keep reading to find out more.

Daisy Kent Looks Back Fondly On Her Experience

Bachelor runner-up Daisy Kent went to Instagram on Thursday to say goodbye to her journey on the show. She made history when she followed the signs and her intuition and told Kelsey Anderson that she knew she wasn’t the one. These two even bonded together and rode to the final rose ceremony in the same vehicle.

Daisy knew her time with Joey was over. She told him goodbye and even walked out on her own as Joey cried. They spoke again at After the Final Rose where Daisy continued to be a class act. Fans were expecting her to be named The Bachelorette but she wasn’t. Many believe she backed out at the last minute.

She has broken records with the number of followers she has gained and even is nearly surpassing Joey.

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Now, she shared her thoughts now that a few days have passed. Daisy shared a photo from After the Final Rose with her speaking to host Jesse Palmer.

She began her post by saying, “You see the thing about life is you can never be certain what’s coming. How unexpected this whole journey was, but how beautiful it is to look back on.”

She continued by saying she will forever be grateful for the friends she made and the places she went.

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The Experience Changed Her

Then Daisy Kent said, “I believe life is about how we love people, how we embrace our differences, how we can take what we were given and turn it into light. I’ve regained my confidence & found my light again.”

She continued talking about people’s emotions and said, “We are complex beings meaning we are not one thing, one emotion, one simple feeling. Often we are consumed by one emotion, but I think the difficulty lies when we’re consumed by not one but many. I’ve learned you have to feel it all to allow more love in sometimes.”

Daisy wrapped up her post thanking the show for allowing her to share her story. She ended with, “No more roses, just daisies”


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Fans continue to praise Daisy for being so classy and mature. What do you think?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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  1. I think that the producers knew from the get go that he was going to pick Kelsey. In fact i think they had that programed from the start. However i think that Daisy actually did fall in love with Joey and really was heartbroken to have to leave him at the end. I have always thought that they would find their way back to each other, but with a 3 year engagement means Joey and Kelsey are going to work for the Franchise for the next 3 years. I am just hoping some person slides into Daisy’s DM’s and just gets to know her. Daisy also saved the bachelor this season, it wasn’t just Joey. The two of them would have really blown the Bachelor apart. Joey would not have to spend the summer in a apartment that kelsey shares with another female. My goodness that is messed up! I spent 3 weeks with my girlfriend and her fiance, and I can tell you it was really uncomfortable. I was so thankful to move into my own apartment after that 3 week stay.

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