Deidre Hall Ready For A Change After Nearly 50 Years On ‘DOOL’

Deidre Hall/Credit: Deidre Hall Instagram

Deidre Hall has played Dr. Marlena Evans on DOOL for nearly 50 years. The actress is ready for a huge change. Is she planning on leaving the show for other pursuits?

Acting Wasn’t Her Original Career Path

Deidre Hall is perhaps most famous for her long-running portrayal of Dr. Marlena Evans on the soap Days of Our Lives. However, she appeared on many classic shows over the years, including Columbo, Murder She Wrote, Our House, and the lead role in the superhero series Electra Woman and Dyna Girl. But acting wasn’t her original career path.

She recently told PEOPLE magazine that her career path was almost the same as Marlena’s. “In college I was studying psychology, ironically, and I had to make a living, and so I had done some modeling when I was in Florida,” she shared.

Drake Hogestyn and Deidre Hall as John Black and Marlena Evans/Credit: 'DOOL' YouTube
Drake Hogestyn and Deidre Hall as John Black and Marlena Evans/Credit: ‘DOOL’ YouTube

Modeling led to commercials, which then led to bigger roles. But it wasn’t an easy transition. She revealed that she had taken acting classes for over a decade to hone her craft. Now she mentors the young actors who join Days of Our Lives.

“We have a lot of young people that join the show that are not experienced or haven’t had a whole lot of training, and everybody carries everybody on Days of Our Lives. It’s a lovely collaboration,” Hall said about the daytime soap.

Deidre Hall Ready For A Change

Deidre Hall joined the long-running soap nearly 50 years ago. She first appeared as Marlena Evans in 1976. The character quickly became a fan favorite. In fact, fans picketed outside the studio in the early 80s when the soap killed off the beloved heroine. But it turned out Marlena’s twin sister Samantha, played by the actress’s real-life twin, was the one killed.

Credit: Deidre Hall Instagram
Credit: Deidre Hall Instagram

That was the first of many back-from-the-dead storylines involving Dr. Evans. She’s also survived other outlandish situations, including multiple kidnappings, a plane crash, and two demonic possessions. After all these crazy storylines, the actress is ready for a big change.

She told PEOPLE magazine that she had another idea for Marlena. “Marlena has never had a serious illness – I mean, unless you’re counting possession,” Hall said. The actress even has a possible storyline to show off her real-life talent. What if Dr. Evans treats a patient who is deaf or goes deaf herself?

“I know sign language. If we ever have a moment or if she has a deaf client or we need an interpretation, that might be kind of fun. That doesn’t happen every time in the daytime.”

Days of Our Lives fans needn’t worry. If Deidre Hall had her way, she would be there for the show’s upcoming 60th season and beyond.

“To have that be a part of my every day and every week for years and years and years is just such a joy and such a pleasure, and I’m beyond grateful for it,” she said about the daytime soap opera.

Do you agree with Deidre Hall that Marlena’s next storyline should be a serious illness? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. I have watched Deidre Hall for 30 of her 50 years, and to say the least, She has become a member of our family, she makes you want to get to know her personally. What a Gem, If she ever comes to Little Rock, Would love to meet her.

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