Daisy Kent Reveals Trick ‘Bachelor’ Producers Use On Contestants

Daisy Kent/Credit: YouTube

Bachelor producers have been accused to manipulation for years. Season 28 contestant Daisy Kent reveals one of the tricks they use to get contestants to relax.

Daisy Kent Reveals Trick Bachelor Producers Use On Contestants

Reality TV producers have been accused of all kinds of tricks to get contestants to open up. Bachelor alums have alleged manipulation tactics used to get them to cry on camera and soundbites taken from unrelated audio.

Daisy Kent was a contestant on Season 28 of The Bachelor. Her connection with Joey Graziadei landed her in the final two. However, she realized his feelings were stronger for Kelsey Anderson. Daisy gracefully left the competition, paving the way for Joey to propose to Kelsey.

Daisy Kent/Credit: YouTube
Daisy Kent/Credit: YouTube

They are enjoying their engagement but Daisy isn’t moping. She reconnected with someone from college and it seems their friendship has turned romantic.

She was a rising TikTok star before she joined the ABC reality show. Daisy returned to the social media influencer lifestyle after her time on the show.

For one recent TikTok video, she revealed one unexpected tactic producers use to get contestants to relax. The video features Daisy and a few others breaking out in dance with the text “Bachelor producers whenever we were feeling shy.”

That’s certainly one way to get people to relax on camera. Several Real Housewives have alleged that Bravo producers supply unlimited alcohol, but Bachelor Nation has a strict drink limit after a scandal on Bachelor In Paradise a few years ago.


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Fans Recognize Brunette From TLC Show

Daisy Kent wasn’t the only reality star in her TikTok video. Bachelor Nation fans may have recognized Tanner Courtad, who previously sparked dating rumors with Season 28 contestant Rachel Nance.

But several of Daisy’s followers spotted a TLC star in the clip and pointed out the unexpected crossover. A brunette in an orange shirt that shows off her tone midriff caught the eye of viewers.

The woman is none other than Stephanie from Season 1 of TLC’s I Love A Mama’s Boy. The reality show documented helicopter moms interfering in their sons’ relationships.

At the time, Stephanie was dating Mike but his mom Liz eventually drove a wedge between them and they broke up. Funny enough, she has a career as a producer for reality TV shows.

What do you think about the methods producers use to get reality TV show contestants to act a certain way? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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