‘Golden Bachelor’ Kathy Swarts Reveals Dating Dealbreaker

Kathy Swarts/Credit: Kathy Swarts Instagram

Golden Bachelor Kathy Swarts didn’t find love with Gerry Turner, but she’s not giving up. However, she has a strict dealbreaker with her suitors. Keep reading to learn more about her dating criteria.

Kathy Swarts Speaks Out On Gerry Turner & Theresa Nist Divorce

During her short time on The Golden Bachelor, Kathy Swarts got to know both Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner. In fact, she was one of the only contestants who saw what a strong connection the two had. Kathy and Theresa got into it during the show because Kathy felt the other Golden lady was bragging about her time with Gerry.

Theresa Nist was ultimately the one he proposed to. However, instead of a happy ever after, the two announced their decision to divorce after three months of marriage. Kathy Swarts was among the Golden Bachelor alums who attended the January wedding.

Post-Golden Bachelor, Kathy Swarts started a podcast with fellow alum and bestie Susan Noles. During a recent episode of the Bachelor Happy Hour: Golden Hour podcast, Kathy defended her former co-stars.

The Golden Bachelor Kathy Swarts Nominated As Villain - ABC Bachelor Nation
Kathy Swarts and Gerry Turner/Credit: ABC YouTube

In regards to their divorce, she said that they are “doing what they have to.” According to PEOPLE magazine, Kathy added, “I think that’s the message here is everyone’s doing the best they can.”

As someone who was previously married, Kathy Swarts said “life goes on” for Theresa and Gerry.

Golden Bachelor Alum Reveals Dating Dealbreaker

Kathy Swarts didn’t last long on Season 1 of The Golden Bachelor. She was sent home after an argument with Theresa Nist. But she’s not giving up on finding love later in her life.

She previously revealed that several men have slid into her DMs since her time on the reality show. However, she would only consider dating someone who met a very strict requirement.

“I’ve dated a few men that have never been married and honestly, I won’t do that again,” she told Susan Noles during an episode of their podcast. What’s wrong with men who haven’t been married?

“[They’re] incredibly selfish, because it’s always been about them,” Kathy Swarts believes.

'Golden Bachelor' ASKN ladies/Credit: Kathy Swarts Instagram
‘Golden Bachelor’ ASKN ladies/Credit: Kathy Swarts Instagram

The Golden Bachelor alum was married for over 45 years until her husband passed away five years ago.

Despite her strict criteria, Kathy Swarts isn’t against getting married again.

She’ll likely have an easier time finding a man her age who is divorced rather than one that never married.

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