Did ‘The Conners’ Get Saved Or Axed In Shocking Twist?

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Did The Conners get saved from cancellation or was the series axed in a shocking twist? As of recently, the show’s fate was up in the air as it neared the end of Season 6. It was also set for a schedule change so there was a lot going on and many unanswered questions. So, what has ultimately happened? Keep reading for more details.

Did The Conners Get Saved Or Axed In Shocking Twist?

With just three episodes left in Season 6, it was not looking promising for The Conners to be renewed. Though fans were hoping the show would be coming back, there were allegedly no contracts for the cast. At this point, it was late in the game and the stars should have signed on if there was to be another season. Since no one really knew their fate, an extra bit was filmed in case the season finale had to serve as the series finale. Along with all of this questioning, the show moved time slots from 8 pm to 930 pm.

The Conners-YouTube
The Conners-YouTube

It came down to the wire but in the final hours, The Conners was saved, at least for one more season. According to TV Line, there will be a Season 7 but it will be very short, just six episodes. This comes after Season 6 only consisted of thirteen episodes, largely due to the writer/SAG-AFTRA strikes. Most regular series started filming months later than they usually would. So, rather than premiering in the Fall, they came back in February/March 2024.


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Along with the very short season, this will be it for The Conners. There will be no more saving the Roseanne reboot spinoff. It has done okay in the ratings but is down considerably since Season 5. Regardless, the show averages around 3.8 million viewers. Luckily, the series was able to make it to 100 episodes, allowing for it to head to syndication. That could help increase its popularity for a whole new audience.

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The renewal is a big deal as it really was believed that Season 6 was the end, per EP Bruce Helfer. He discussed this in Spring 2023:

“We feel that [next season] is possibly going to be the last season of The Conners. I would not [say that] definitively because the numbers were so good this season, and we’ve all had a really great time… but it’s definitely a possibility.”

The Conners star John Goodman, who plays Dan Conner, also felt that the show was winding down so Season 7 was likely a shock but a good one.

Now the cast can wrap up the series the way that they want to and not just with a standby ending. Are you happy the show is coming back, at least for a few more episodes? Let us know and watch The Conners Wednesdays at 930 pm on ABC.

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