Justin Timberlake Triggered By Iconic Meme

Justin Timberlake

One mispronounced word from over 20 years ago still haunts Justin Timberlake. Recently, he poked fun at what has now become an iconic meme. So, what is it about this time of year that is so triggering for the Jealous singer?

Justin Timberlake Has Been Making Hits For Decades

Justin Timberlake has been making hits so long that it’s easy to feel like he has always been at the top of the charts. Whether it was with his boy band, NSYNC, or his solo career, all these years later, he is still putting out hits.

Justin Timberlake dropped his new single, Jealous, on YouTube three months ago. Since uploading his song to the platform, it has 29M views and counting. Even his NPR Tiny Desk concert went viral when it dropped a month ago, with over 9M views.

Not many people can successfully pull off a solo career after leaving an iconic band. In Justin Timberlake’s case, he has managed to do exactly that all these years later.

Justin Timberlake
Justin Timberlake/YouTube

JT Inspired Iconic Meme

NSYNC fans still remember Timberlake’s unique pronunciation on his band’s hit, It’s Gonna Be Me. Timberlake said “Me” a lot like “May.” That one pronunciation inspired memes. Even two decades later, those memes resurface every year when April is coming to an end and May begins.

Typically, it’s considered a win when one song is remembered like this, even decades after it was released. However, in Justin Timberlake’s case, he has a love/hate relationship with the way he chose to sing that one word in the song, as fans never let him forget it, especially yearly when May approaches.

In the digital age, it’s impossible to escape things, especially once they make it on the internet. In this case, Justin Timberlake has an annual reminder when this time of year comes around.

Justin Timberlake Pokes Fun At Himself

A TikToker recently asked the question: “What’s a word you pronounced incorrectly one time and it still haunts you to this day?”

Justin stitched the video, saying: “Um… ‘Me.'”

Anyone who follows Justin Timberlake on social media knows that he has a sense of humor. In this case, he wasn’t afraid to poke fun at himself, even when the joke came at his expense. Timberlake is a serious musician and actor, but, it’s the fact that he never takes himself too seriously that continues to endear him to fans all these years later.


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  • One fan said: “*and the meme was born*”
  • Another commenter added: “What haunts you, blesses us. I’m sorry.”
  • A third commenter added: “It’s so iconic and another thing we love you for!”

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