Kevin Spacey’s Accusers Break Silence In ‘Spacey Unmasked’ Docuseries

Kevin Spacey - YouTube/Late Night With Seth Myers

A new docuseries will be taking a deep dive into the life of Kevin Spacey, including the allegations of sexual assault that were made against him. His accusers come forward in the new Spacey Unmasked docuseries. Here is everything that has been revealed so far.

Kevin Spacey Faced Dozens Of Sexual Assault Allegations

The trailer for the two-part docuseries was shared by Variety this week. It will share several stories of men who “go on the record about their experiences with the acclaimed actor.”

Spacey Unmasked will take a “forensic look at a man who was once one of the most admired and respected actors in the world.” According to the official description of the Kevin Spacey docuseries, it will have never-before-seen interviews and archives that will take a deeper look into the actor’s life. It will document everything leading up to his recent acquittal.

Kevin Spacey faced 12 counts of alleged sexual assault and experienced a “fall from grace” in the acting world.

Kevin Spacey - YouTube/ABC News
YouTube/ABC News

The docuseries summary read, “In 2023 Spacey was acquitted of sexual offenses against four men in a U.K. trial. This two-part series will investigate Spacey’s conduct and talks to multiple men unconnected to that case about their experiences with Kevin Spacey, almost all of whom have never spoken before.”

The House Of Cards star was accused of sexual assault at the height of the #MeToo movement. Several men came forward with allegations, including Anthony Rapp. The Star Trek: Discovery actor said that Kevin Spacey sexually assaulted him when he was just 14 years old.

In the following weeks, more allegations against Spacey were made. Tony Montana accused the actor of groping him in 2003. On top of that, a theater in London found 20 counts of “inappropriate behavior.”

Spacey Speaks Out About Upcoming Docuseries

Throughout the years since then, the Academy Award-winning actor has faced several charges of sexual assault and sexual misconduct. Anthony Rapp sued Kevin Spacey in 2020, three years after he first came forward with his allegations. The case went to trial in 2022 and Spacey was found not liable for battery where Rapp’s accusations were concerned.

Kevin Spacey - YouTube/ABC News
YouTube/ABC News

In addition to that, Spacey was charged with 12 counts of sexual assault in the United Kingdom. The alleged incidents occurred between 2001 and 2013. He pled not guilty to all of the charges and, in July of last year, the court found him not guilty.

As the release date for the docuseries approaches, Kevin Spacey made a statement. He said, “I’m honored to be starring in my first film with Warner Brothers in many years. I hope the Academy takes note of some of the great acting by the lesser-known cast.”

Spacey Unmasked will air on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom on May 6 and May 7. Right now, there are no international release dates set. However, it will air on Max and Investigation Discovery once it is released in the United States.

Take a look at the trailer for the docuseries below.

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