Alabama Barker Angry With Fans, Denies Plastic Surgery

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Although Travis Barker‘s daughter, Alabama Barker, has been open about getting lip fillers, she adamantly denies having any plastic surgery procedures done to her body. Additionally, she is angry at fans for the assumptions about her body.

Fans Suspect Alabama Barker Underwent Surgery

Without a doubt, Travis Barker‘s teenage daughter loves to show off her body. Before she turned eighteen, Travis got a lot of flack for allowing his young daughter to dress and act the way she did. However, now that she is an adult, most people have laid off Travis. Since she often posts photos that many deem risqué, fans easily make assumptions about changes they see in her body. When Alabama Barker was called out about surgery a few months ago, she was quick to let people know she had lip fillers, but nothing else. At that point, she said, “I really appreciate the love! I’m natural, besides my lips, accept the fact I’m naturally beautiful.”

Alabama Barker credits her lip artist. - Instagram
Alabama Barker credits her lip artist. – Instagram

However, when recent photos were posted on Instagram, fans began to suspect she has had work done at this point. Undeniably, the speculation comes after Alabama posted bikini pics during a recent trip to the Bahamas. Notably, some fans believe she has a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) after seeing her butt in a thong.

Many people think Alabama Barker had BBL. - Instagram
Many people think Alabama Barker had a BBL. – Instagram

Alabama Barker Is Angry With Assumptions

While Alabama Barker gave fans a sassy but sweet response before, now she is starting to get angry about the assumptions. In her Instagram Stories, she claps back at fans for jumping to incorrect conclusions. From a restaurant bathroom, she takes a video of herself wearing a tight tan shirt with a black hoodie. Then overlays text saying: “I’ve had no cosmetic work done to my body !!” Seemingly annoyed for having to re-address the matter, she denies any surgery and shames people for their assumptions. She says, “Let’s stop assuming, not saying I never would, but just not in this moment have I had anything done.”

Alabama Barker calls out people for assuming she had plastic surgery.  - Instagram
Alabama Barker calls out people for assuming she had plastic surgery. – Instagram

Fans Notice Her Body

Undoubtedly, this was Alabama Barker’s response to comments on her recent Bahamas’ post. While it isn’t uncommon for Travis Barker’s in-laws, The Kardashians, to have cosmetic surgery, Alabama sticks to her guns denying she has altered her body. Since the photos highlighted her butt frequently, the comments began to roll in.

  • “If u got work done then good! But that ain’t your natural body state that.”
  • “Dang.. she looks like she went to the Kardashian’s doctor for sure!!”
  • “We knew the bbl was coming.”
  • “Dang she already got a bbl.”
She loves sharing pictures of her butt. - Instagram
She loves sharing pictures of her butt. – Instagram

Alabama Barker Gets Real

In many ways, Alabama Barker seems to be trying to find herself. However, she also tries to show some honesty along the way. In a recent photo, she went makeup-free, showing her natural beauty. She captions: “No makeup day.” While some people were harsh, her fans sent her lots of love for her relaxed look.

  • “So pretty.”
  • “Beautiful ❤️.”
  • “Girl, this is your best look yet.”
  • “You are such a natural beauty! Please don’t let Hollywood take that from you with unnecessary surgeries.”
She shows a more natural look. - Instagram
Alabama Barker shows a more natural look. – Instagram

What do you think? Did Alabama Barker secretly have a BBL? Do you think she is telling the truth? Are people wrongly assuming she has undergone surgery? Are you ready to see new episodes of The Kardashians? Drop your comments below.

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