Fans Rip Travis Barker Over Daughter Alabama’s Nasty Dance

Travis Barker and Alabama Baker

Travis Barker’s daughter, Alabama, posted a new TikTok last night, wearing a plunging, figure-hugging dress and dancing provocatively. She clearly wanted to catch her followers’ attention, and she certainly achieved that goal.

What Did Alabama’s Followers Think Of Her Post?

Most of her followers praised her confidence and told her how stunning she was. One fan said she wished she looked as good as Alabama, while another complimented her make-up. She was even asked for details on the dress she was wearing.

Not everyone was so supportive, though. One commenter said that underage kids shouldn’t dress like that, and another said someone should call the police.

Alabama Barker
Alabama Barker

More fans came to her defense in the threads on both of these comments. One said that it’s good that her dad allows her to express herself through clothing, and another reminded her critics that she is turning 18 in December.

Alabama also posted photos in the same dress on Instagram. Not surprisingly, the reactions on that platform were worse than those on TikTok. One critic called Travis Barker out for liking the photo, while another accused him of ignoring his kids. Her mom, Shanna Moakler, took some of the heat, too, with critics saying that Alabama got her lack of class from her mother.

This Isn’t The First Time Alabama Has Been Bullied on Social Media

In August, she posted a TikTok video of what she goes through with body shamers both on social media and in the media in general. In the video, she blasted the paparazzi for purposely taking photos in mid-sentence or at a bad angle just to get views.

Then, in September, only a month after her TikTok video, Alabama took to her Instagram to talk about how often she gets bullied by trolls online. She stated that sometimes she wants to ‘clap back’ at them, but it keeps her humble when she looks at their lives versus her life. Barker ended her video by wishing her fans well and reminding them that ‘the evil-hearted never wins.’

Last month, Alabama posted a story to her Instagram once more with advice for ignoring the haters on social media. She said that it’s sometimes challenging to stay positive and that she often feels misunderstood. She continued, stating that she knows that people will hate on her no matter what she does, so she doesn’t feed into it or allow it to disturb her peace.

Unfortunately, it seems like her haters don’t get the message because they continue to come for her and her family with every post she makes. After receiving negative comments last night, Alabama told them she’s not changing her style and to unfollow her if they don’t like it.

Alabama Barker Instagram
Alabama Barker Instagram

How do you feel about Alabama Barker’s revealing clothing? Do you think Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler are bad parents for allowing her to dress the way she does? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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