Fans Rip Travis Barker For Gross Comments About Alabama

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Recently, Travis Barker fans noticed some strange comments between Travis and his daughter Alabama Barker. Although the two are close, fans feel like his statements were gross and inappropriate when talking about his daughter.

Travis Barker Gets Criticism For His Relationship With Alabama

While Travis Barker is busy traveling the world with Blink-182, his wife, The Kardashians star, Kourtney Kardashian, is home with the kids. Although their newest child, Rocky Thirteen is just over three months old, Travis is back on the road. However, Kourtney braved the big world with a newborn to help Travis kick off the new tour. Since Travis is often away from home with the band, he gets criticism for his parenting. Many feel like Travis hasn’t been present to provide the support that Alabama Barker has needed during her most formative years. For instance, Alabama Barker has fans wondering if she had plastic surgery to bolster her curvy figure. But fans also question the way he talks about his daughter.

Fans Rip Travis Barker For How He Talks About Alabama

Although Alabama Barker is an adult now, some believe Travis Barker should be more involved with his young daughter’s life. Lately, the speculations of Alabama having surgery have come up again. On Reddit, fans discuss it saying, “Thoughts: did she have surgery on her body?” But during the conversation, one fan inserts the topic of how Travis Barker talks about Alabama.

  • “I suspect a breast [augmentation] at the very least – natural ones that size do NOT stay that lifted and perky in a tiny string bikini top with no extra support cups/thicker straps to reign them in…”
  • “Definitely implants.”
  • “Omg yes definitely boobs. Like they’re just sitting OUT there.”
  • “I duno, according to her DAD she had a nice bubble butt since she was a baby 🤮.”
  • Referring to Travis Barker’s 2015 autobiography, one fan mentions, “That guy always rubbed me the wrong way. I had a feeling he was a creep. Like dude, that’s your baby you’re talking about!”
  • “HE did say it!”
  • “It’s giving incestuous vibes so bad. Creep.”

Thoughts: did she have surgery on her body?
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Travis Barker Makes Gross Comments

Fans brought up the icky feeling they got when Travis Barker discussed his daughter Alabama. In Travis’ autobiography, he recalls bringing Alabama Barker home from the hospital and noticing her defined physical attributes. Perhaps he was trying to convey he’s in “trouble” since he is raising a daughter, after how he looked and treated women. But the comments came out as gross remarks about his baby daughter. “When we got home, I couldn’t believe I had a little girl,” but quickly he comments on her body. He adds, “And when she was a baby, she had a crazy bubble butt.” Further writing, “After all the sh*t I had done to girls through my life, I knew I was cursed.” Additionally, some fans wonder about Alabama’s choice to post pictures that her dad will see, openly on Instagram. One says, “Having your dad on here is wild.”

Alabama Barker freely posts pictures that Travis Barker can see. - Instagram
Alabama Barker freely posts suggestive pictures that Travis Barker can see. – Instagram

Alabama Barker Stands Up For Herself

But Travis Barker’s daughter is used to standing up for herself. When one fan pushed the topic of body altering on Alabama Barker’s Instagram page, she clapped back.

  • “This child has done a lot of cosmetic surgery at a very young age, I hope she doesn’t overdo it! She looks good now!”
  • Alabama directly replies, “I really appreciate the love! I’m natural, besides my lips, accept the fact I’m naturally beautiful.”
  • However, another fan wasn’t buying it. They say, “Love how all she got done was her lips but somehow immediately got a snatched waist and bigger butt. I don’t mind cosmetic surgery at all but don’t lie about it and act like we dumb. Went through that song and dance with Kylie, not you too.”

What do you think about Travis Barker’s comment about Alabama Barker? Do you think it was creepy? Has Alabama had work done on her body? Do you think The Kardashians star, Kourtney Kardashian, has any influence on Alabama? Will Travis be more involved with raising Rocky? Drop your thoughts below.

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