‘The Kardashians’ Cousin Posts & Abruptly Deletes Unedited Photo

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Recently, The Kardashians were together with extended family. Little did Kylie, Kendall, and Kris Jenner, Khloe, Kim, and Kourtney Kardashian know, that one cousin was going to post an unedited photo of the event. However, the picture has a short online life when the poster quickly removes it after the initial post.

The Kardashians Get Together With Extended Family

On Friday, The Kardashians gathered for an event for Kris Jenner’s late sister, Karen Houghton. While honoring her mother on Instagram, Karen‘s daughter, Natalie Zettel, adds several photos from the event. She captions: “So blessed to have all the love and support from family and friends. Thank you.” However, one family photo gets a quick removal from the carousel of pictures from Kris’ niece since it wasn’t edited. Within the photo were Kris, Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kylie, Kendall, and grandmother, Mary Jo Campbell.

Natalie Zettel posts photos from memorial. -  Instagram
Natalie Zettel posts photos from the memorial. – Instagram

Although Kris Jenner and Karen Houghton didn’t see eye to eye most of the time, she was extremely saddened for her mother, M.J. with the loss of a daughter. Likewise, she expresses sadness for Natalie losing her mother. Kris gave tribute on Instagram: “My heart aches for my mom, MJ, and my niece, Natalie, and I pray that God guides us all through this difficult time.” Furthermore, she shares kind words although they often had feuds rivaling Kim and Kourtney’s rocky relationship. The Kardashians’ matriarch continues, “Karen was beautiful inside and out. She was the sweetest, kindest, the most sensitive and vulnerable and so, so funny.”

Kris Jenner's Tribute Post for Karen Houghton - Instagram
Kris Jenner’s Tribute Post for Karen Houghton – Instagram

Kylie Jenner Unusually Dresses Down

On Natalie’s Instagram, the photo shows Kylie Jenner in a different light than fans generally see her. Each of The Kardashians stars was wearing traditional black for the memorial of Karen. While most of the family showed up in style, Kylie stood out. Likewise, Kylie unusually dresses down in comparison to the rest of the family in the photo. Notably, Kylie’s hair is back in a ponytail, she sports no makeup and is in baggier clothes than her normal attire. Perhaps she wasn’t feeling well or snoozed past her alarms that day, it is hard to say, but her style isn’t on point like her normal standard. Instead, she is almost unrecognizable.

The Kardashians' cousin posts a photo without edits and then deletes it. - Reddit
The Kardashians‘ cousin posts a photo without edits and then deletes it. – Reddit

Natalie Took The Photo Off Instagram But It Still Circulates

Later the photo pops back up on Reddit, The Kardashians fans theorize why they think Natalie took it off of Instagram.

  • “Why is Kylie dressed for the gym when everyone else is going to a funeral? I would assume she’s the one that had it deleted.”
  • “She didn’t want to come so they dragged her out of bed and threw her in the trunk.”
  • “People saying Kylie had it deleted, and I think it’s Khloe.”
  • “The poor cousin thought she was going to be excommunicated for life if she didn’t delete.” Another fan says in like fashion, “50 lashes.”
  • Kris is punching the air somewhere because she looks the best out of the rest.”
  • “The Kardashians were probably not invited to the event, but Kris wanted to hang with her sister’s family.”

Deleted fam photo
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Why do you think Natalie took the photo down? Are you ready to see new episodes of The Kardashians? Drop your comment below.

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