Maggie Sajak Not Letting Dad & Boyfriend Interact, Details

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Wheel of Fortune social correspondent Maggie Sajak is not letting her boyfriend and her father interact. Her dad is the iconic host of the game show, Pat Sajak so there’s already pressure. Yet, why is Maggie keeping these important men apart? Keep reading for more details.

Maggie Sajak Not Letting Dad & Boyfriend Interact, Details

Pat Sajak just filmed his final episodes of Wheel of Fortune after forty-one seasons. This is leaving a gaping hole in the hearts of faithful fans with Ryan Seacrest taking over the reins come September. Vanna White will still be in her position through 2026 though many viewers felt Pat’s daughter, Maggie Sajak should replace her. They thought that she was young, fun, fresh, pretty, and had a great personality. She is still sticking around and maybe she will take over in a few years.

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For now, she is enjoying her time on the game show and her new romance with actor, Ross McCall. He is almost twenty years older than her but they seem very happy so that is all that matters. However, Maggie, 29, is not letting her dad and Ross interact at this point, according to The Sun. An insider explained why Maggie is not rushing to get the two of them together anytime soon:

“Maggie doesn’t want Pat to louse it up. He has no filter. He blurts things out and offends people all the time!”

More so, Ross means a lot to Maggie so she does not want to risk her father saying or doing anything to mess this up.

After seeing Ross and Maggie Sajak together, fans took to Twitter/X and had some kind things to say:

Some had no idea who either of them were but felt that they seemed happy and that was all that mattered. More so, they noted that they were of legal age so let them be.

Pat’s Big Mouth

Even though strangers were supportive of Maggie Sajak and Ross McCall, it is understandable that she is worried about her father. Pat Sajak has been called out for rudeness and snarky remarks toward Wheel of Fortune contestants. Furthermore, it was rumored that the staff of the show was so excited that he was leaving. Due to this, they did not even want to give him a proper send-off. So, with all of that being said, it does make sense why Maggie is taking her time bringing Ross around her father but hopefully, in time, they can all come together.

Do you understand why Maggie is reluctant to have Pat around Ross? Would you feel the same way if you were in her position? Let us know in the comments below.

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