Dannielle Merrifield Ready To ‘Crack’ Over Losing Control?

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Is Seeking Sister Wife star Dannielle Merrifield ready to “crack” over losing control of her life on the hit TLC series? She has consistently put herself on the back burner for her husband, Garrick Merrifield’s wants and needs. Has this finally brought her to a true breaking point? Keep reading for more details.

Dannielle Merrifield Ready To ‘Crack’ Over Losing Control?

This was never the life that Dannielle Merrifield wanted. Yes, she and Garrick Merrifield had problems in their marriage but she was shocked when he wanted to add more wives. This took her time to finally become comfortable with the idea of bringing another woman in. Though she came to care for Roberta, their first potential sister wife, her jealousy was strong. She struggled with Garrick being so emotionless when she expressed her feelings. It was especially hard when Garrick and Roberta were trying to conceive mainly because she still lived in Brazil.

Garrick and Dannielle of Seeking Sister Wife
Dannielle Merrifield, Garrick Merrifield-YouTube

Therefore, Dannielle was scared Garrick might have to leave her indefinitely if Roberta had to give birth. That relationship failed but now they have Nathalia, also from Brazil. Garrick just took off for a month to spend time with her and this has left Dannielle on edge. A Reddit thread was started to discuss Dannielle’s persona as he was prepping to head out:

  • I think Danielle is coming unhinged…The end of the last episode when she was recording her conversation with Ick was scary. Her voice didn’t even sound like her and her tone and anger were out of character for what we normally see from her (other than the Roberta meltdown). I just kept thinking wow, this egg is CRACKING right now!

They added that Dannielle Merrifield was really struggling with losing Garrick for that month. Did others agree?

  • You THINK she’s becoming unhinged? She’s been unhinged this entire time.
  • I’d be HAPPY AF if I were her and ick left me for a whole month in that nice a** house
  • I don’t know how she puts up with it He absolutely has no respect for her or his family.

Poor Nathalia

One Seeking Sister Wife fan added that this is really not fair to Nathalia. Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield are already having their own problems which are evident. Then, they fight and she is mad that Nathalia is connecting more with Garrick. Dannielle pointed out that Nathalia ignores her texts but gets right back to Garrick which makes her feel slighted. Now, he is taking off for a month to be with Nathalia but fans feel that she has no idea how bad the whole situation is. No matter how many times Dannielle was asked if she was unhappy, she claimed she was fine. So, this whole thing is a mess and probably explains even more why Roberta stayed in Brazil.

Do you think that Dannielle is lashing out because she cannot handle another wife and now it is getting more real with Garrick leaving for a month? Or, is she just a dramatic persona? Let us know and watch Seeking Sister Wife Mondays on TLC.

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