Are Dannielle Merrifield’s Parents Enabling Abusive Marriage?

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Are Seeking Sister Wife star, Dannielle Merrifield’s parents, Scott and Luann enabling their daughter’s abusive marriage? They have watched her get a divorce, deal with jealousy, be talked down to by her husband, Garrick Merrifield, and so much more. So, why do they just stand by and watch this happen? Keep reading for more details on this horrible situation.

Are Dannielle Merrifield’s Parents Enabling Abusive Marriage?

Dannielle Merrifield and Garrick Merrifield have struggled since before they appeared in Season 3 of Seeking Sister Wife. Admittedly, Dannielle was not into a plural lifestyle as her husband was when he got his message from God so she prayed on it. Finally, she agreed and they soon found Roberta from Brazil on a dating site. After a few meetings and a proposal, Garrick and Roberta decided to try and conceive a baby. Dannielle’s parents, as well as her two children, came along to Mexico for the conception trip.

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They seemed very welcoming and accepting of Roberta once they got to know her. After she ditched the couple, they appear to be on board with the new fiancee, Nathalia. Dannielle is visibly distraught as she is not connected to Nathalia or Garrick who only cares about himself. He even took off to Brazil for a month alone. Now fans are asking why Dannielle’s parents aren’t stepping up to take care of their daughter and her wellbeing:

  • At what point will they speak up for their daughter (even if she won’t do so for herself) and grandchildren and call out Ick’s disgusting blatant abuse for what it is?

So, did anyone else feel that Dannielle Merrifield’s parents should have intervened and tried to help their daughter see the light?

  • Seems like her brother and his wife are the only family members looking out for her.
  • Her whole family is very derpy.
  • Her mother looks defeated tbh her father tried as did her brother. Her sister in law is the most vocal she’s just speaking to a wall.
  • I think her parents may be afraid of a disconnection.

Dependent On Garrick

Some have said Dannielle Merrifield is brainwashed by Garrick Merrifield but there is another side. It seems that her whole family is financially dependent on Garrick and his construction company. Many of them work for Merrifield Custom Builders, including her father and her brother. They pride themselves on employing family and friends which is shown on their website. Therefore, if this job is their bread and butter, they won’t bite the hand that feeds them.

Why do you think Dannielle’s parents won’t stand up to Garrick even though she seems visibly distraught? Are they scared of losing her, their jobs, or both? Let us know and watch Seeking Sister Wife Mondays on TLC.

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