‘Shark Tank’: Where To Buy Roboburger Burger Vending Machines

Roboburger Burger Vending Machines on Shark Tank

The creators of the Roboburger Burger Vending Machines are coming to Shark Tank tonight. The brand-new episode of the ABC reality show sees several new products, but this one is a biggie that is offered up to people who want to house their own vending machine for others to purchase items from.

Here is everything you need to know about the Roboburger Burger Vending Machines on Shark Tank and where you can go if you want to buy one for yourself.

What Is The Roboburger Burger Vending Machines On Shark Tank?

The Roboburger Burger Vending Machines is not something totally unique from Shark Tank. Earlier this season, the Bleni Blends Vending Machines creators showed up and offered a vending machine that makes smoothies. In that case, Lori Grenier and Daniel Lubetzky financed the deal. Will the new machine get a deal as well?

Roboburger Burger Vending Machines patty

The Roboburger Burger Vending Machines has three creators behind it — Dan Braido, Audley Wilson, and Andy Siegel. This is a machine that does what the name indicates. Inside the 12-square-foot machine is an automated kitchen that can grill, assemble, and dispense a freshly cooked burger on demand. It also uses the five-step cooking process that chefs in restaurants use.

The machine automatically grills the patty on both sides, toasts the bun to provide the right crunch, selects the condiments, adds them to the patty, and then assembles the burger. It then wraps it and delivers it to customers in a dispensing bay. It has also been certified by the National Sanitary Foundation (NCF).

There are also various options, including a USDA Choice Angus Beef Chuck Steak patty burger, Garden Burgers, Spicy Black Bean Burgers, and more.

Where To Buy The Roboburger Burger Vending Machines From Shark Tank

For anyone who wants more information about the Roboburger Burger Vending Machines after seeing them on Shark Tank, visit the company website at https://theroboburger.com/.

Once on the website, there is a lot of information available. There is a link to learn more about the product, a look at the menu, and a place to go if you want to lease or purchase a machine. According to the website, it only costs $67 a day to own a RoboBurger plug-in, ventless unit with no money down.

It also pays out on a revenue model, which averages out to be about $82,999 a year per machine with a 33% profit margin. This is only if the machine sells 33 burgers a day. They also offer multiple financing options for anyone who wants to get started with one of their machines in their place of business.

What are your thoughts on the Roboburger Burger Vending Machines from Shark Tank tonight? Does this sound like a business that could take off and be worth a shark’s investment? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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