‘Shark Tank’ Where To Buy Lady Alpha Nursing Cover

Lady Alpha Nursing Cover On Shark Tank

Tonight has a brand-new episode of Shark Tank. There will be four new entrepreneurs coming on to pitch their products. This includes the people who created dual showerheads, edible candles, and a robotic kitchen chef. However, a much more useful product is also coming with the Lady Alpha Nursing Cover.

Here is what you need to know about the Lady Alpha Nursing Cover from Shark Tank and where you can buy it from.

What Is Lady Alpha Nursing Cover On Shark Tank?

Jackie Samuelson created the Lady Alpha Nursing Cover and will bring it to Shark Tank looking for investors. Jackie was breastfeeding her baby Sunny in Arizona and realized how uncomfortably hot this was in that heat. She tried different nursing covers and nothing seemed to keep her cool while breastfeeding.

The Lady Alpha Nursing Cover On Shark Tank

Jackie then spent six months working with her husband Jeremy to figure out a solution and they came up with this new breastfeeding product for people to use. It is officially titled the Lady Alpha Nursing Cool Cover. It integrates a fan to promote airflow and regulate temperature. This means the babies can feed without overheating.

There are three air speeds, so the mothers can have it at just the right level. It is also bladeless, so the baby remains safe under this cover. It also has low noise, which delivers a soothing white noise effect to help keep the babies calm. The rechargeable battery offers two to six hours of runtime. It charges with a USB-C cable. It also allows full visibility of the baby, while also maximizing coverage areas.

Since that time, the couple has created other products to help out mothers and their babies.

Where To Buy Lady Alpha Nursing Cover From Shark Tank

For anyone who wants to learn more about the Lady Alpha Nursing Cover after seeing it on Shark Tank, visit the company website at shopladyalpha.com. Anyone who shares their email address receives 10% off their first order with the Shark Tank special.

Once on the site, there is a place to directly order and buy the product. There are five designs of the Lady Alpha Nursing Cover, and each of them runs $59.95. These designs include “Sage Remington,” “Champagne Mami,” “Midnight Magic,” “Original COOL blue,” and “not so HOT pink.” The company also sells a cover without the fan for $34.95 and it comes in all those colors, except “Midnight Magic.”

It should be noted these are preorders and they will not ship until May 2024.

Does the Lady Alpha Nursing Cover seem like something the Shark Tank investors should have been interested in supporting? Do you want to buy it for yourself? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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