‘Shark Tank’: Where To Buy Bleni Blends Vending Machines

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Shark Tank is back with a new episode this week and the makers of the Bleni Blends Smoothie Vending Machine are looking for investors. They are hoping to get some help in bringing their treats to a larger part of the world.

Here is what you need to know about the Bleni Blends Smoothie Vending Machine and where you can buy one.

What is the Bleni Blends Vending Machine on Shark Tank?

The Bleni Blends Smoothie Vending Machine is a vending machine concept that does something a little different. It combines convenience, taste, and health, all thanks to groundbreaking technology. This is a vending machine that actually serves smoothies in just 60 seconds, meaning people can enjoy a yummy smoothie whenever they want.

The machines have a touchscreen interface that allows customers to choose whatever flavor they want at the time. This includes Pink Dragon, Mocha Coffee, Coffee Bean, Berrylicious, Green Powder, Tropical, and Strawberry Banana. These are also natural smoothies and use real fruit in the blends.

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The company also promises that they practice sustainability and they minimize its carbon footprint compared to actual smoothie stores. Peter Shapiro (CEO and President) and Stuart Shapiro (COO) are the brains behind the vending machine.

The two started working together when they bought, managed, and sold rental properties in Pennsylvania before they co-founded Robotic Desserts, LLC in 2016. Peter has proven successful in the business world, purchasing and liquidating over $40 million of receivables in the distressed asset recovery sector. Stuart spent his early career working as a lawyer, specializing in negotiations.

Together, they created the Bleni Blends, which they hope is an innovative entry into the smoothie industry. They also want to revolutionize the vending machine landscape.

Where to buy the Bleni Blends Vending Machine from Shark Tank

Anyone interested in Bleni Blends Smoothie Vending Machines after seeing it on Shark Tank can learn more by visiting the company website at bleniblends.com.

The site even has a listing of the nutritional values of each of its tasty smoothies. The site promises that all the smoothies and vending machines use real fruit blends, are quick and healthy, and are sustainable. They also preach their value and profitable growth opportunities and their business knowledge.

The company is also looking for partners to buy vending machines through the website. They say it operates 24/7 and is entirely cashless. There is a “low start-up cost” with high-profit margins and low time commitments, and it operates through a turnkey operation. They also offer training and ongoing support, as well as delivery and installation. The cost is not mentioned on the website.

Does the Bleni Blends Vending Machine look like something the sharks should have been interested in? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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