‘Shark Tank’: Where To Buy HYPD Footwear

HYPD Shoes on Shark Tank

There is a new Shark Tank episode on tonight and four new entrepreneurs will bring their products to offer up to the sharks. One of these new products is a new footwear company called HYPD Footwear. It will be up to the company owner to convince the sharks that they can stand out in an already crowded marketplace.

Here is a look at the HYPD Footwear from Shark Tank and where you can buy the shoes for yourself.

What Is HYPD Footwear From Shark Tank?

Marc Herzberger and Chenu Kue created HYPD Footwear in 2020. The company specializes in fully customizable and made-to-order slides. They use environmentally sustainable materials with 98% zero-waste. It also uses vegan-friendly, recycled, and natural materials in its products. However, while all that is nice for the environment, what about the shoes?

HYPD shoes from Shark Tank

The slides are fully customizable, with a slide design that features edge-to-edge pointed straps with any graphic, logo, artwork, or pattern the customer wants. HYPD uses its design studio online so customers can upload their own images or create new visuals to go on the straps of the Slydr slides.

In addition to the endless graphic options, the Slydr also has innovative features. It has a patented adjustable fit system with velcro wings that can be tightened or loosened for a precision fit for any foot shape or size. The soles are ultra-cushioned foam for comfort and have high-traction rubber outsoles for traction.

The idea is to allow the customers to have unique shoe designs to show off their personality while also offering them comfortable, functioning footwear. As mentioned before, being environmentally conscious is important for the company as well, and they ensure that in the shoe’s construction. They also offer a premium model that includes more personalization.

Where To Buy HYPD Footwear From Shark Tank

To learn more about the HYPD Footwear after seeing it on Shark Tank, visit the company website at hype-company.com. If you offer up your email, you will get 20% off your first purchase by joining the Hype Team. They also offer free shipping on any offer over $55.

For college students or anyone who supports their local university, there are pre-designed college logo shoes for several colleges, including Alabama, Oregon, Florida, Oklahoma, and more. They run $60 a pair. When it comes to other slides, there are two options.

To buy previously created slides, such as ones with eagles, flags, colorful prints, and even an artist series (such as the Scream image), they run $50 a pair. On the other hand, if you want to create your own, you choose the color of the midsole and design the straps. They will send the slides and the straps within two to three days. These also only cost $50 a pair.

What are your thoughts on the HYPD Footwear from Shark Tank? Does it seem like something that could succeed in the crowded shoe marketplace? Do you want to try them for yourself? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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