‘MAFS’ Lauren Good Admits That She Followed Michael Shiakallis

MAFS Michael Shiakallis, Lauren Good - YouTube/Lifetime

Married At First Sight viewers have been loving the drama that unfolded during the multi-part Season 17 reunion. Now, fans have learned some shocking details about Lauren Good’s dating life since leaving the show. There are hints that she may be dating Michael Shiakallis, also from Season 17. Continue reading to see what MAFS viewers have uncovered and if there is any truth to the rumors.

Lauren Good Admits To Following Michael Shiakallis

During Part 2 of the reunion special, Lauren Good refused to share any details about her dating life with the host, Kevin Frazier. However, a trailer for an upcoming episode seems to hint at a relationship between Lauren and Michael Shiakallis.

Michael Shiakallis was the first person on MAFS to be left at the altar. Chloe Brown came at the last minute to marry Michael, but the pair didn’t wind up staying together when it came to Decision Day.

Michael married Chloe Brown during Season 17 of MAFS, but it looks like he had a more lasting relationship with Lauren Good. In the preview clip, Michael meets up with Lauren and Clare Kerr. He tells the two women, “You know the internet has been willing this. The internet has been waiting for. They have been willing this interaction.”

MAFS Clare Kerr - YouTube/Lifetime

The trailer then shows Lauren sharing that “Chloe and I are no longer friends.” The MAFS star said that Chloe became “very irate” when she learned that Lauren followed Michael on social media.

With that glimpse behind the scenes with some of the MAFS stars, rumors have sparked about a potential relationship between Lauren and Michael.

One fan tweeted, “Finally seeing Michael and Lauren together.” Another person wrote, “I think Lauren and Michael are dating.” A third viewer chimed in, “Wait so are Michael and Lauren dating? Are they friends?”

Several fans were cheering on the rumored couple. One person wrote, “Wait I’m kind of here for Michael and Lauren.”

Lauren Goes Hard During MAFS Season 17 Reunion

Lauren Good has been the center of some juicy drama of the MAFS Season 17 reunion. She had an intense argument with Cameron Frazer where she seemed to call him out about faking it for the cameras.

MAFS Lauren Good - YouTube/Lifetime

The MAFS star said, “Cameron, you can look bewildered all you want. That won’t fly with me. You’re trying to equate the pact that you all made to us deciding our husbands suck, our husbands were manipulative let’s wear pink in protest of them.” Lauren continued to go to bat for her friend, Clare Kerr. Clare and Cameron got married on the show, but like all of the other couples in Season 17, didn’t stay together.

She continued, “Stop playing with the Cameron ’cause you don’t scare me. Keep poking the bear, and I’ll bite the f**k back.”

Married At First Sight airs on Lifetime at 8 p.m. on Wednesdays.

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