Mama June Blames Late Daughter, Anna, For Weight Gain?

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Is Mama June Shannon blaming her late daughter, Anna Cardwell, for her weight gain? Anna passed away in early December 2023. Yet, she had been battling stage 4 adrenal carcinoma for ten months. So, why would June put her weight problems on her sick child? Keep reading for more details.

Mama June Blames Late Daughter, Anna, For Weight Gain?

Several years ago, Mama June underwent a major transformation and dropped an immense amount of weight, thanks to a gastric sleeve. She was down to between 130 to 150 pounds and managed to keep it off for some time. Sadly, her addiction got the best of her and after she got clean, she ended up gaining the weight back. A short time ago, wanted to get a revision on her weight loss surgery. However, her doctor said June needed to first adopt healthy eating habits before that could happen. It never did and now, she is blaming her late daughter, Anna Cardwell for her weight gain.

Anna Cardwell-YouTube
Anna Cardwell-YouTube

She made an Instagram video explaining that, along with her husband, Justin Stroud, and Anna’s husband, Eldridge Toney, they were her daughter’s main caregivers. Therefore, healthy eating went out the window along with stress and she is claiming she gained around 130 pounds because of this.


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June completely contradicted herself by saying she was eating out a lot over the last year but when she wasn’t eligible for the revision, she tried eating healthier. That is not true whatsoever as she is constantly posting clips of her indulging in unhealthy snacks and junk food. One fan took exception to Mama June blaming Anna.

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Followers immediately chimed in at the comment section to share their thoughts, as well:

  • June.. I’ve seen you eat… it’s also a lifestyle change, you gotta change them BAD eating habits of yours!
  • You didn’t change your eating habits before you won’t do it now
  • June you gained that weight way before Anna got sick 🙄😤
  • You exercising….or is that just your mouth….christ almighty…thirsty af

Pay Alana Back

While Mama June was going on and on about how she went from big to small and back up again, followers also had other questions. They wanted to know if she had taken accountability for what she had done to Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson. She had stolen a decent chunk of money from her daughter and had claimed she was paying it back but had she? June seems so fixated on the wrong things and placing blame on everyone but herself. Time will tell if she can really change her life.

Do you think it’s fair for Mama June to blame Anna for her weight gain or is that just who she is? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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