Did Garrick Merrifield Have Secret Baby With Roberta?

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Did Seeking Sister Wife star Garrick Merrifield have a secret baby with his now ex-fiancee, Roberta? She left the Merrifields at the end of Season 4 and they deemed her a scammer though their hearts were broken. Now, some fans are wondering if she actually was expecting when she made her exit. Keep reading to see why they think this.

Did Garrick Merrifield Have Secret Baby With Roberta?

Garrick Merrifield wanted to have a baby with his then-fiancee, Roberta. Unfortunately, she still lived in Brazil and had not yet moved to Colorado to live with Garrick and his wife, Dannielle. Therefore, they all met at a villa in Mexico so that he and Roberta could try to conceive. It was a very odd situation as Dannielle brought her parents and her two children along for the trip. All while Garrick and Bert were attempting to make a baby. The biggest concern was Bert becoming pregnant while still living in Brazil. Then Garrick would have to go over to be with her and there was no telling when he would be back.

Dannielle Merrifield, Roberta-YouTube
Dannielle Merrifield, Roberta-YouTube

She left the plural relationship before anything could come of their babymaking. Yet, fans are questioning if she did in fact become pregnant. One person in a Facebook group wrote that on Roberta’s last trip to see the Seeking Sister Wife couple, she appeared heavier than before. They felt she looked like she may have just given birth so they questioned if Roberta agreed to have their baby but then, in the final hour, decided to keep it. Hence why Dannielle was so broken when Roberta said she was not coming but also why they have baby items all over their home.

So, what did other fans of the show have to say about Garrick Merrifield having a baby with Roberta? They did not think the dramatics were related to Roberta having and keeping a baby. Rather, they felt that she knew what kept them on television and her outburst helped. Plus, she was dealing with her divorce and that was hard. As for Roberta’s weight gain, it was the pandemic so many people put on pounds. So, what about the baby items?

Dannielle’s Baby

Despite the theory that Garrick Merrifield and Roberta may have made a baby, this has been debunked by many Seeking Sister Wife fans. It appears that Dannielle Merrifield had a baby girl last year and this will be a topic of Season 5. She will leave her marriage for about a month and then return when she has shocking news. Another clue that she was pregnant in 2023 was that she took an eight-month social media hiatus. This led fans to believe that was to conceal her pregnancy. It would make a good plot twist for the show considering Garrick wants to have kids with his younger wives.

Do you think something more happened between Garrick and Roberta that has been left unsaid? Let us know and watch Seeking Sister Wife Mondays on TLC.

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