Bluey Season Finale Called Masterpiece, Has Parents In Tears

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The Bluey season finale has many parents and kids in tears following one of the most emotional episodes of children’s television. The episode is called “The Sign” and that sign refers to a For Sale sign in front of Bluey’s house. This episode, Bluey’s family has decided to move away from their friends and family.

Here is what happened in the episode and why it was so emotional for fans.

Bluey Has Fans In Tears After Season Finale

Bluey is a rare children’s series. It is so well-written and critically praised that it eclipses most shows in its genre. The Australian series follows a blue dog named Bluey and her family as they have adventures and learn life lessons. Each episode is about six minutes in length, but the season finale is a super-sized offering.

Bluey on YouTube

Checking in at 28 minutes, “The Sign” has two stories told to lead to one emotional moment. First up, Bluey’s dad Bandit received a big new job offer with a much higher salary. He believes that the money would help give his family a much better life and accepts it. However, this also means moving them away from their home and everyone they know.

Bluey is saddest about this and she doesn’t want to leave. Her mother Chilli also isn’t happy about moving, but she understands it. She ends up thinking the move away from Queensland will give her girls better chances in life thanks to the better job for Bandit. However, things changed.

The second story had them attending a wedding for Bandit’s brother Radley to Frisky. As they go through the wedding, they realize that what might be best is to stay in Queensland because that might be more important than just making more money. However, their house already sold, so their decision seemed to be made for them.

This leads to the emotional finale where the story wraps up with parents and kids crying.

What DidΒ Bluey Fans Say About ‘The Sign’?

The season’s finale brought in quite a reaction from fans on social media. It also earned some quotes from the voicecast. Dave McCormack, who voices Bandit, said “You’ve just got to try and do your best. You’re going to get it wrong sometimes.” As he said, this is a big concept for a kids’ show.

This led to people flooding social media with their own thoughts. It also includes some major stars. Johnny Gargano, one of WWE’s top stars and a father of a young child himself, compared it to the end of Avengers: End Game for little kids.

Other comments included:

  • “The emotional power of the #Bluey special episode, The Sign, cannot be underestimated. I may need a minute.”
  • “Bluey’s The Sign pulls at every heart string imaginable and couldn’t have ended on a better note.”
  • “My therapist isn’t gonna know what hit her. Sensational television.”

Did you have a chance to see theΒ Bluey season finale, “The Sign?” Did it effect you like it did other fans? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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