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Netflix Drops Shocking ‘Teletubbies’ Bombshell On Subscribers

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Netflix dropped a shocking bombshell on subscribers when the streaming giant announced the decision to reboot The Teletubbies. For children of the 90s, Teletubbies was a popular choice of entertainment on television. The OG Teletubbies ran from 1997 to 2001 on BBC. Shockingly, the series was later brought back by CBeebies for three more years from 2015 to 2018.

The timing of the first Teletubbies reboot was somewhat nostalgic for children of the 90s who were now old enough to have children over their own watching the rebooted version of the children’s series. Fast forward another decade and Netflix has decided to pick Teletubbies up for a second reboot and give the series another spin. If the children’s series keeps to its normal pattern, fans could see another three to four years of Teletubbies via Netflix. Whether the series continues beyond a single season really hinges on how well the reboot does and whether Netflix determines it to be worth the money invested.

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Netflix Teletubbies reboot: What do we know about it?

Roughly six hours ago, Netflix took to Twitter to announce Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa, and Po were returning to TV screens.

The Teletubbies — and new narrator Tituss Burgess — are coming to Netflix on November 14th!”

Netflix’s announcement about rebooting Teletubbies comes with even more shocking news as subscribers won’t have to wait long as the release date is slated for November 14th. One detail subscribers find even more exciting is the streaming giant has even added an extra character to the cast. Tituss Burgess is slated to join the cast. Reacting to the news on Twitter, subscribers had a lot to say. Most, however, agreed that Tituss Burgess would be a great addition to the cast.

Subscribers react to this bombshell

Unsurprisingly, many popped into Netflix’s announcement about Teletubbies with backlash. Tons of subscribers take to every update from the streaming giant begging them to bring back shows they’ve canceled including Julie and the Phantoms and First Kill. Not everyone, however, reacted negatively. Some admitted they were just shocked by the idea of new Teletubbies episodes. Here’s what some more positive subscribers had to say:

  • “OMGGGGG my favorite childhood show.”
  • “I grew up with The Teletubbies. I love them!”
  • “Can we have an origin story of how they met, how they exist, why they have a television in their tummy, if anyone of them is gay or bi (I bet Tinky Winky is ace). I have so many question in mind for all my life.”
  • “I will watch anything with Tituss in it!”

Are you shocked Netflix has decided to reboot Teletubbies? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Netflix news.

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