Will ‘Station 19’ Find A New Home After Cancelation?

Cast of Station 19, ABC, sourced from Instagram

Station 19 is currently scheduled to end after the current season on ABC. For seven seasons, fans have loved getting to know the dynamic firefighters in this dramatic Grey’s Anatomy spin-off. And many aren’t prepared to say goodbye.

Although ABC won’t pick up the show for another season, some have wondered whether or not another network may step in to save the show.

Keep reading and see what could happen.

Station 19 Showrunners Would Follow The Show To A New Platform

These days, when a network cancels a show, it doesn’t necessarily mean the end. Sometimes, other networks pick up the show and breathe new life into it. Many Station 19 fans desperately hope that will be the case for their favorite drama about the first responders of Seattle.

In fact, #SaveStation19 has made its rounds on social media since ABC announced they didn’t plan to pick up the show for an eighth season.

Cast of Station 19, ABC, sourced from Instagram
Station 19/Instagram

Many fans remain hopeful that the show has a future on Netflix. Executive producer Shonda Rhimes has a development deal with the platform and produces unique and captivating shows such as Bridgerton.

For the time being, the show’s current showrunners don’t know anything about Station 19’s future on other platforms. But they recently confessed they would readily follow it anywhere.


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“They don’t tell us anything,” showrunner Zoanne Clack shared with TVLine. “We’ll happily go wherever it goes.”

Showrunner Peter Paige echoed similar sentiments.

“We would happily, happily, happily do another season if there were an opportunity to do it,” Paige added.

Will Fans Have To Say Goodbye To Their Favorite Characters?

As Station 19 Season 7 continues, fans know they might have to say goodbye to several characters before the final episode airs. Tragic and unexpected deaths are commonplace in Shonda Rhimes shows at this point.

Carlos Miranda’s character Lt. Theo Ruiz hasn’t departed the series, but he did resign his position from the fire station in a recent episode. However, many fans weren’t too sad to see him leave. Over the past several seasons, viewers have soured on Lt. Ruiz and were actually hoping he would leave the show altogether.


For now, viewers will have to stay tuned and see what happens with the firefighters as Season 7 continues. And hopefully, another network will pick up the show for Season 8.

What do you think about the situation? Would you like to see Station 19 return for another season on Netflix? Add your voice to the conversation and share what you think in the comments.

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  1. Netflix, Hulu or Prime, any streaming service that can save the show would be great and fans would watch it in its new home for sure.

  2. I would follow Station 19 anywhere! This responder show is not just an ordinary show! The characters are some of the best I’ve have ever seen, played by wonderful actors with a special shout out to Danielle savre , Stefania Spampinato for their amazing portrayal of Maya and carina and the equally superb Barrett Doss as wall as the rest of the cast and crew. It would be criminal to finish station 19 now with so many other stories to tell.

  3. Station 19 is more than just a show. Station 19 is a lifesaver and a home to many people who otherwise feel unrepresented. #savestation19

  4. I’m ready to follow this amazing show everywhere!!! we are fighting so hard to SaveStation19 because is so important for us and we cant lose it!!!!

  5. Season 7 has been on fire, it has such wonderful characters with loads more stories to tell. Maya and Carina are the best w/w relationship on TV, this show needs another season

  6. I would follow Stn 19 on any platform!! I live in the UK and watch at 3am every week. I end up being a total zombie on a Friday but totally worth it. This show should be picked up by another network so we can see these characters develop even more.Special mention to Danielle and Stefania for their amazing performances as Maya and Carina. We don’t see enough wlw couples on our screens and we need to!! This show represents the minorities and the social issues of the day and are not shy about it. Peter Paige and Zoanne Clack are doing an amazing job and it’s a tragedy that it’s ending on ABC. Please Netflix and Shondaland pick this show up and run with it for one more season at least!!

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