‘Station 19’ Fans Happy To See One Character Quit The Station

Screenshot from Station 19, sourced from Instagram

Firefighters have come and gone from Station 19 since the show’s beginning. But one recent departure definitely took some fans by surprise — although they weren’t very sorry to see them leave.

As the final season of Station 19 continues, fans are likely going to see a wide range of character departures. As in typical Shonda Rhimes fashion, some exits will be dramatic and others may end in death. Fortunately, this particular exit wasn’t quite so scandalous. In fact, many fans felt delighted about the situation.

Which firefighter resigned their position at the end of the most recent episode? Keep reading to get the scoop.

One Firefighter Resigns From Station 19

Over the years, Station 19 viewers have seen a wide range of cast shakeups. After Dean Miller’s death back in Season 5, fans know they can’t get too attached to any of the characters.

However, several fans aren’t sad to see one firefighter quit the station.

Screenshot from Station 19, sourced from Instagram
Station 19/Instagram

At the end of Thursday night’s episode, Lt. Theo Ruiz told Captain Andy Herrera he knew she was struggling to balance the station’s budget. He understood cuts were coming and resigned his position to help save the station.

Fans took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to express their true feelings about the situation. As one X user wrote, “THEO IS RESIGNING I HAVE PRAYED FOR TIMES LIKE THIS #Station19”

But Station 19 viewers who truly dislike Theo Ruiz may not have much time to celebrate.

According to The Sun, actor Carlos Miranda still appears in commercials for the upcoming episode. However, he’s depicted without Theo’s station uniform. In other words, it seems like Theo Ruiz isn’t going anywhere. Instead, the character is exploring a different path.

One X user posted screenshots from the upcoming episode, revealing Theo in a new uniform. It looks as if he’s going to be part of a fire and ambulance team moving forward.

It’s not currently known what Theo Ruiz’s new role will entail, but many fans feel disappointed the character hasn’t left the series for good.

The Popular Drama Winds Down

As a spin-off of Grey’s Anatomy, Station 19 has been wildly popular with viewers since its inception. However, ABC plans to end the series at the end of its current season.

Online, fans have been using the hashtag “#SaveStation19” to hopefully inspire the network and creative teams to keep the show going. So far, the efforts have sadly been in vain. Meanwhile, ABC confirmed Grey’s Anatomy will return for Season 21 in the fall. Many fans think it’s unfair that the medical drama gets to continue but Station 19 will end.

How do you feel about the situation? Are you annoyed that Station 19 is coming to an end? Are you disappointed to learn Theo Ruiz likely isn’t permanently leaving the series? Share your own thoughts in the comments.

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  1. So angry that ABC have decided that one of their best shows with excellent viewing figures and fans around the globe have decided to dump it with just 10 episodes to wrap up so many story lines. To give this show justice and the fans they should give a full season 8 it’s what we all deserve as do the cast and crew. I do hope that if ABC don’t want this highly preforming show they have the decency to offer it to another platform it would be the right thing to do

    1. Yes,I totally agree! Let’s make room for 9-1-1, put it in Station 19’s time slot ,bump it to 9:00 after Grey’s and then cancel it, wtf !!! I don’t know why they couldn’t save it, and now 9-1-1 is renewed for another season, hopefully someone will pick up 19 and continue with it. It was one of my favorites and always looked forward to watching it on Thursdays!

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