UFC Star Arman Tsarukyan Punches Fan, Lawsuit Coming?

Arman Tsarukyan

UFC star Arman Tsarukyan won big in the octagon at UFC 300. However, it’s what happened before he got in the cage that is generating a lot of negative controversy. So, what did he do?

UFC Star Arman Tsarukyan Won Big At UFC 300

Arman Tsarukyan won the biggest fight of his UFC career at UFC 300 on Saturday night. The Armenian MMA fighter defeated former lightweight champion Charles Oliveira at the UFC’s big pay-per-view event. This was a split decision win by Tsarukyan, and one to absolutely check off in the win column.

Arman Tsarukyan’s professional fighting record stands at 22-3-0, an impressive body of work by any stretch. Unfortunately for Tsarukyan, he may have gotten the big win in the octagon when the final bell sounded, but, it’s what he did on his way to the octagon that is generating a lot of controversy.

Arman Tsarukyan
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Arman Tsarukyan Made His Big Entrance

As longtime UFC fans know, the walk to the octagon can be just as pivotal as getting into it. This is a chance for fighters to come out to their chosen entrance song, and it allows them to get pumped up before the bell sounds and they come to blows.

One other thing that this allows fighters to do is hear the roar of the crowd. In many ways, modern UFC fighters are the closest thing we have to ancient Roman gladiators. Indeed, if you succeed enough in the octagon, you get all the money and fame that comes with it. So, there is built-in incentive to perform well under the bright lights when it counts.


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UFC Fighter Appears To Punch Fan, Lawsuit Coming?

Arman Tsarukyan handled business in the octagon and got the big win. However, it’s what he did on his way there that may taint this victory, and potentially his career after just winning the biggest match he has had so far.

While walking out to the octagon, clips making the rounds online show Tsarukyan seemingly punching a fan on his way there. At this point in the event, both fans and fighters are ready, with the adrenaline pumping at crazy levels.

This is also not a valid reason for a professional fighter to punch a fan, as Tsarukyan appears to wind up and connect before making his way to the octagon. It’s certainly possible that the fan in question could have said something to Tsarukyan, or that the fan could have grabbed the fighter on his way to his actual fight.

Whatever the case may be, UFC head honcho Dana White is ready for the potential fallout. In a post-fight press conference, White said: “Yeah, you might not want to hang over things and grab people when they’re walking out. These guys are all fu***** hyped up and whatever, I’m sure we’re probably going to get sued but we’ll deal with that on Monday too.”

Recounting the incident in his own words, Arman Tsarukyan said: “He showed me that he wanted to fu***** punch me, and I wanted to punch him back, that’s it. It doesn’t matter who you are, I’m going to punch you in the face.”

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