Stephan Bonnar, UFC Hall Of Famer, Dead At 45

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Tragic news for fans of MMA as UFC Hall of Famer Stephan Bonnar has been confirmed dead at the age of 45. This breaking news comes as a total shock to fans of professional wrestling as Stephan was considered to be young and healthy considering his career of choice. Have any details been revealed about his cause of death? Plus, take a closer look at his life prior to his passing down below.

Stephan Bonnar Dead At 45: Cause Of Death

The UFC took to multiple social media platforms on Christmas Eve of 2022 to confirm Stephan Bonnar was dead at the age of 45.

The UFC family is saddened by the tragic passing of UFC Hall of Famer Stephan Bonnar Thursday from presumed heart complications while at work.

According to TMZ, reports confirm the professional wrestler died a few days prior to Christmas Eve. While his cause of death has been reportedly connected to his heart, what exactly caused him to pass is still pending. Check out the statement and tribute from the UFC confirming his passing down below:


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MMA Community Mourns His Tragic Passing

As a UFC Hall of Famer, this is a devastating loss for those who love watching professional wrestling. In 16 hours since UFC issued an official statement, the Instagram account’s 35M followers reacted to the post over 550K times. The official statement also accumulated over 12K comments. Here are some of the heartbreaking comments reacting to his passing:

  • “Jesus. What is going on?! Life is way too short. Smh #RIP to a legend and pioneer of the game.”
  • “Another legend leaving but leaving a legacy that cannot be erased.”
  • “Rest in peace to a legend of the sport.”

Recognized as a legend and a “pioneer of the game” his final Instagram video has been uploaded to YouTube and is leaving his fans with absolute chills as they believe he made have predicted his own passing.

The UFC Hall of Famer talks about fighting to get treatment and ultimately having to go to a second hospital because the first refused to look past some DUIs in his past. In the comments, individuals in the medical field admitted they were disgusted to learn how he had to find treatment.

Moreover, some of his fans are wondering if his death could have been prevented if it hadn’t been so difficult for him to get medical treatment.

Rest in peace, Stephan Bonnar.

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