Sofia Vergara Gushes Over Hot Doctor After Major Knee Surgery

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America’s Got Talent judge Sofia Vergara has revealed that she underwent a major knee surgery recently. She shared a snapshot on Instagram, crediting the “handsome doctor” for successful surgery and recovery. Oh, and she’s dating him too. Keep reading to find out everything we know about Sofia Vergara’s recent surgery and how her new beau is helping her recover.

What We Know About Sofia Vergara’s New Love

Vergara divorced her husband Joe Manganiello last year. They had been together for seven years. There was speculation about the reason behind the couple’s split. However, many people believed Manganiello’s sobriety played a role. The AGT judge is known for enjoying a night out, along with a few drinks. Their lifestyles simply didn’t match up anymore.

Instagram/Sofia Vergara
Instagram/Sofia Vergara

It seems like Sofia Vergara has already started to move on. She recently started dating Dr. Justin Saliman, a 49-year-old orthopedic surgeon. He reportedly has offices in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles.

Saliman and Vergara went Instagram official in December. Sofia Vergara shared a photo of them together on her Instagram page. They appeared to be at a holiday party together.

A source close to Vergara opened up about her moving on since her split from Joe Manganiello. “Sofia has moved on from Joe and would be happy to never see him again. Her relationship with Justin has made her never look back,” they revealed.

“Justin is absolutely charming, and handsome, and has an incredible job. He isn’t an actor and is very confident and she is eating it all up,” the insider continued.

The couple was first spotted on a date in October, shortly after Vergara’s split from Manganiello was finalized. Since then, she and Dr. Saliman have been spotted in various places throughout Los Angeles.

Dr. Justin Is Helping Sofia Vergara Recover

The 51-year-old AGT judge shared a photo to her Instagram Story over the weekend. In the picture, you can see Sofia Vergara’s knee wrapped up with some type of monitoring device on top of it. Standing over her is her new boyfriend, Dr. Justin Saliman.

He is a blonde, wearing dark blue scrubs. He has a photo attached to his hip and is smiling down at his patient (Vergara). Because Saliman is an orthopedic surgeon, he’s the perfect person to be by Vergara’s side as she recovers.

“If you ever get a major knee surgery make sure you get a handsome doctor who will sleep with you that night!!!!” Sofia Vergara wrote over the photo. Then she added, “Luv u” and tagged Dr. Justin Saliman in the Story.

Dr. Justin Saliman - Instagram/Sofia Vergara
Instagram/Sofia Vergara

It isn’t clear if Vergara’s recent surgery will have any impact on her judging duties with America’s Got Talent. She recently shared a few behind-the-scenes photos from filming auditions. So, it is possible it won’t impact her ability to be present for Season 19.

America’s Got Talent Season 19 will premiere on May 28 at 8 p.m. EST on NBC.

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