‘Below Deck’ Jill Zarin Slams Fraser Olender After Charter

Jill Zarin - Below Deck - Bravo YouTube

Jill Zarin went on Below Deck as a guest of the primary and many people hated the way the Real Housewives alum behaved, but she blamed Fraser Olender for ruining her trip. Bravo fans and the crew under Captain Kerry Titheradge complained about her demanding ways.

RHONY Jill Zarin Claims Receipts On Fraser Olender

Below Deck often has other Bravo stars on the charter vessels but this might be the first time a guest arrived and secretly “taped” the head stew as he explained how things would work. Bravo fans seemed a bit unenthusiastic about the former RHONY star when they heard about her appearance on the show.

RHONY Alum Jill Zarin on Below Deck - Bravo - YouTube
RHONY Alum Jill Zarin on Below Deck – Bravo – YouTube

Below Deck’s Fraser Olender had something to say about Jill Zarin after the charter. He felt that she was “demanding.” However, he also said, “We had to have a specific ice box that kind of followed wherever she went. I love it. If that’s the biggest concern, then we should [be okay.]” He also mentioned that she was “sweet.” Well, she’s not being very sweet with him now.

Fraser Olender Also Said Some Unflattering Things

During the episode last week, it became clear that Fraser felt a bit flustered by the Bravo alum. He said, “Jill is crawling into my brain and eating away at my soul.” Meanwhile, Barbara “Barbie” Pascual also felt that her demanding ways were too much. Agreeing with them, fans roasted Jill’s behavior. Can they all be wrong?

Below Deck Fraser Olender Was Frustrated - Bravo - YouTube
Below Deck Fraser Olender Was Frustrated – Bravo – YouTube

On the Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald this week, Jill Zarin claimed that everything that went wrong was the fault of Fraser. In fact, she had gone also far as to tape what happened. The Real Housewives veteran elaborated, saying:

I went into it with the attitude that I want to make a good show. I was me, I literally was me [and] I was me the way I am in my real life. I kind of blame him for the trip being a total disaster. You get on the boat at 12 and right away you get lunch. You get an explanation, which I actually taped on my phone that I am going to post, of Fraser explaining the layout of the next two days.

She also complained about Fraser Olender and the rest of the Below Deck crew for not appreciating that she’s “Jewish” and a mom. Admitting she’s “pushy,” she felt that if the crew had just accepted that she’s “a bit of a know-it-all all,” then “everybody would have leaned into it.”

The RHONY alum also noted that she didn’t freeload. In fact, she paid $45K for “meals” and “lodging.” So, she felt irritated that “snacks” were not available all day. Summing it all up, The Real Housewives alum claimed that her time on Below Deck was ruined. She said, “It was the head stew’s job to make sure things went seamlessly, and I kind of blame him for the trip being a total disaster.”

What are your thoughts about Jill Zarin’s views on the charter? Do you think she has a point? Was it all bad service by Fraser Olender? Sound off in the comments below, and come back here for all your Real Housewives and Below Deck news.

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  1. What most guests don’t understand is that the crew sucks up to the Primary. Even though Jill was a celebrity, she was still a guest and not the Primary, despite paying her way as she claims which is irrelevant. There have been other cases on similar cruises where guests have tried this tactic and the Primary is spoken to nicely about it. Jill being Jewish and a ” mom” is also irrelevant. It wasn’t about religion either. Had Jill been the Primary, the crew would have treated her much differently like other celebs that have been on Below Deck as Primaries. Fraser ruined her trip? Really? Grow up Rhony.

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