‘Real Housewives’ Kim Zolciak Makes Divorce Judge Angry

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Earlier in the week, former Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Kim Zolciak professed that the divorce proceedings should be dropped. During this, she said that they are still having sex so there’s no reason for it to continue.

Kim Zolciak Suggests The Reason For Divorce Is A Sham

Publicly, RHOA Kim Zolciak made a plea that her divorce should be dismissed. She touts that their marriage can’t be “irretrievably broken” as stated because she and Kroy Biermann are still having sex together. Not to mention, cohabitating in the same home. However, on Wednesday, Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann were scheduled to meet in court. Surprisingly, the former Real Housewives of Atalanta star was a “no show.” Needless to say, the judge did not appreciate this.

Kim Zolciak Presents A Strong Argument

Entertainment Tonight relayed,” When Fulton County Superior Court Judge Shermela J. Williams noticed everyone was present except for Zolciak, she asked her lawyer, David Beaudry, to explain her absence.” Beaudry said Zolciak couldn’t make it to the Zoom hearing, since she was flying back from Colombia after filming MTV’s The Surreal Life. Even though Beaudry was apologetic that Zolciak wasn’t there, the judge was still irritated.

Judge Williams pointed out to David Beaudry that Kim Zolciak was expected there. Stating that her “presence was not waived for today, so she is supposed to be here.” Reiterating, “I did not waive her presence.” Continuing, the judge rescheduled the hearing for Sept. 29. However, it was not without her identifying it as a “waste.” Then she emphasized that all parties involved need to appear in person moving forward.

It seems very odd that if she wants the divorce to be dropped, she did not take the time to show up, especially since it was conducted virtually. Unfortunately, making the judge angry from the get-go doesn’t usually bode well. Undeniably, her absence made a strong argument of its own.

Kroy Biermann Makes His Stance Known To Kim Zolciak

Kroy Biermann responded to Kim Zolciak’s claims by firing back at her that sexual relations do not “nullify” his petition. He confirmed that he and Kim have been having sex. However, he sustained his stance in his new court documents, by saying he has “no desire to reconcile.” According to Page Six, the court documents said, “The fact that he engaged in sexual relations with [Zolciak] does not indicate a desire to reconcile. [He] remains steadfast in his desire to divorce.”


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Toxic Environment

Kroy Biermann plans to sell the family’s three million dollar Georgia home. Sadly it is facing foreclosure on Nov. 7. Based on Kroy Biermann’s statements, Kim Zolciak doesn’t want to leave the estate. “She has stated that she prefers to file for bankruptcy; a move that will ensure that the parties and their children will remain under the same roof for a significant period of time,” confirmed in the documents.

Biermann wants to sell the house immediately. Then he can take half of the profits and buy a residence on his own. He made a strong claim that he needed to take their four minor children “out of the toxic environment.” Biermann is fighting for sole custody of their four minors.

What do you think about Kim Zolciak missing the hearing? Do you think she can turn things around with the judge? How about with Kroy Biermann, will she be able to reconcile? Give us your thoughts in the comments.

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