‘RHONY’: Jill Zarin Slams Critics Of Her Rug Collection Promo

RHONY Jill Zarin

RHONY fans saw that Jill Zarin shared a promo on her Instagram for her outdoor rug collection. Quite a lot of fans trolled on her for it and some of them called her nasty names. After all, it’s the coronavirus that people should care about, they noted. However, on her Twitter, Jill slammed them for it and reminded them what she’s doing to help assist with the virus epidemic.

RHONY – Jill Zarin posts about reactions to her outdoor rug collection promo

This week, the Real Housewives of New York City alum took to Instagram and shared about her rugs. She captioned it with, “I’m so excited to announce my Outdoor Rug collection with @unique.loom!” Then she went on about the size and design of them. Jill explained the origins of her inspiration for the rugs and then told fans they’re available to buy online from her shop. Some of her followers felt the timing of the post rather “unfortunate,” pointing to the coronavirus.

Some RHONY followers called her horrid names. One said, “People are dying and you only think about your rugs!!!you are a b…h!!!” Another one noted, “What planet do you live on? Selling rugs in these awful times! Shame on you!” Other similar comments went Jill’s way. But, she later came back at critics on her Twitter and told them off. In fact, she called them out to tell her what they do for the virus epidemic.

The post has since been taken down.

Jill slams critics as she does things for the pandemic

In a series of tweets, Jill hit back at critics. In one thread she noted, “I think we all need a break from this disaster for 5 minutes and look at something nice or buy something to feel good. I have spent last week 24/7 calling hospitals and restaurants organizing food for #Noshesfornurses till [my] fingers hurt. Thank you for not hating!” Then, in response to someone saying she should rather make masks, the RHONY star said they already get involved in investigating masks and availability.

The Real Housewives of New York City critics got another mouthful from her. Jill elaborated, saying, “You know what? We need to pretend to be normal sometimes or we will all go insane. I had a panic attack last week from CNN 24/7 . I never had one before. But what have you done other than curse me out?” Then, she mentioned that she arranged the donation of  “1500 meals to nurses since Saturday.” Sticking it back at her critics, the RHONY star asked, “what have you done again?”


But, at least some RHONY fans do understand and thanked Jill.


What do you think about people trolling on Jill Zarin for promoting her rugs during the virus? Did you know that she already helps donate food for health care workers? Sound off our thoughts in the comment below.

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