Why Fans Think Alana Thompson’s Lying About ‘Missing Money’

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Why do fans think that Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson is lying about “missing money” all of a sudden? Viewers watched as Mama June handed over the paperwork to Alana and her sister, Pumpkin. This showed what she had remaining in her Coogan account. Yet, is Alana not being completely transparent? Keep reading for more details.

Why Fans Think Alana Thompson’s Lying About ‘Missing Money’

Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson believed that she had six figures in her Coogan account which her mother managed. She needed these funds so she could pay her college tuition at Regis University in Colorado. Though she had gotten a scholarship, it was not enough for the whole year. What was remaining in the account was $33K and Alana was livid. Mama June kept making excuses but she essentially used it for her addiction while Alana paid for her own bills since she was a kid.

Honey Boo Boo-YouTube
Honey Boo Boo-YouTube

Additionally, all of the Honey Boo Boo money went into one account so it paid for family trips and $150K went for a house. So, it does appear that she should have far more than she was left with. Yet, a Reddit thread was recently started with the OP doing a deep dive. They had this to say:

  • In respect to the latest controversy over Alana’s “missing money”. I think I know what’s going on. As Alana has gotten older (16-now), I believe that she has had access to hundreds of thousands of dollars of her own money that she has made through the years and social media.

More so, they added that Alana Thompson isn’t broke, she just doesn’t want to invest in school. Could that be true? So, what did other followers have to say?

  • Oh I’m pretty sure she has had part of her money bc we all know they aren’t paying to keep up with her hair, lashes, and nails bc those things could get expensive at times.
  • I don’t know about access to her money but I do know she has plenty and that gullible people online are funding her college and lifestyle and it’s crazy people think she’s broke!

She Always Knew

Mama June did a TikTok response to Teen Mom alum Kailyn Lowry who shared how she had help setting up accounts for her children. In this video, she explained that Alana Thompson and Pumpkin knew exactly what was in the Coogan account all along. They had been given statements all along so they were never in the dark. More so,  if they had any concerns, they could have brought them up sooner. She also shared that Alana had a California Coogan account with six figures in it. Finally, any money she made from social media, she kept outright.

@officialmamajune #stitch with @Kailyn Lowry thr truth behind alanas miney and what i dod and saying my yruths #mamajunr #honeybooboo #money ♬ original sound – Mama June

Fans are conflicted about the situation as a whole but they do not take kindly to Alana’s begging. There are many more ways to go about getting money for school, especially when she likely has it. Unfortunately, she may not want to use it for something she says matters so much.

Do you think Alana is hiding more than she lets on? Let us know your thoughts and watch the midseason finale of Family Crisis Friday, April 12th on WeTV.

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