Where Does Tom Schwartz Stand With Ex, Jo?

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Where does Vanderpump Rules star Tom Schwartz stand with his secret ex-girlfriend, Jo Wenberg? They had been hooking up in Season 10 when she was living with him. Then, things may have gotten more serious on her end and he broke her heart. So, what is their current status? Keep reading for more details.

Where Does Tom Schwartz Stand With Ex, Jo?

In Season 10, it was discovered that Tom Schwartz had a roommate named Jo Wenberg. She had previously been best friends with Kristen Doute and none of the girls cared for her. The main person who disliked her was Katie Maloney who said horrid things about Jo at the reunion. Furthermore, she and Schwartz had sparked up a romance. During this time, they went on trips with Tom Sandoval and Rachel Leviss while they were in the middle of their affair. Now, in Season 11, Jo is more of a main character and she is trying to vibe with the cast. At the same time, she clearly has feelings for Schwartz but he wants to do his own thing.

Jo Wenberg, Tom Schwartz-Instagram
Jo Wenberg, Tom Schwartz-Instagram

He has been flirting and going on dates with Scheana Shay’s former nanny, Tori Keeth whom his ex-wife, Katie Maloney is also pursuing. Additionally, he went to a single’s mixer with Sandoval and friends but Jo wanted to go, as well. She was all over him and everyone around them knew that she had deeper feelings than she let on. In her confessional, she shared they had said “I love you” and it was more serious than he let on. He finally told her they should just be friends and it broke her heart. So, where do they stand?


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According to Us Weekly, Tom Schwartz and Jo Wenberg are not speaking anymore. She spilled the tea on Leviss’ podcast, Rachel Goes Rogue on April 11th:

“It’s from both Tom Schwartz’s and my choosing. I think that we don’t talk anymore, and we’re gonna do a little bit of a boundary situation. That doesn’t mean that we might not talk in the future and it doesn’t mean that I don’t miss him. It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t miss me. Our relationship was very organic. It was very granola, very simple, very easy. You list all the things that you wanna have in a partner, they were there.”

Additional Issues

Viewers watched as Tom Schwartz kissed another girl right in front of Jo Wenberg on the April 9th episode of Vanderpump Rules. Yet, was there more that caused their falling out?

“The one thing that wasn’t there probably was trust. And that’s OK, because who am I to say who [he] needs to be with or who doesn’t need to be with? What I need to do is I need to move on and work on myself. I look back and I feel very grateful that I had somebody in my life that made me so happy. We could not have laughed more.”

She goes on to add that they are both in different places in their lives. However, the ending was extremely hard for her to handle, especially for it to play out onscreen:

“It’s really tough because I’ve never been with somebody who really made me smile almost every single second of every single day and then have it end. It’s not been easy. We were so happy. We were in love. We would tell each other we loved each other and we would be extremely just in our own bubble. We liked it that way and the cameras would come up and it was like I didn’t even exist.”

It sounds like there was a lot more that went on behind closed doors than what Tom Schwartz wanted viewers to see. Jo admits that she is still hurting inside from what happened and did appear at the reunion. Hopefully, that helped her some but it does appear that reliving it all has been very painful, especially now that Schwartz has a new girlfriend.

Do you think Jo expected too much from Schwartz or do you feel he said what he wanted her to hear to get what he wanted in the moment? More so, how do you feel about her being on Rachel Leviss’ podcast? Let us know and watch Vanderpump Rules Tuesdays on Bravo.

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