Tom Schwartz Brother Had ‘Traumatizing’ Near Death Experience

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Tom Schwartz recently spoke out about his brother’s near-death experience. His brother, Bert, also spoke out on the issue and gave a life update. Tom is known for his role on Vanderpump Rules. He was married to Katie Maloney for a long time before they got a divorce. Now he is dating around and trying to enjoy the single life. However, his brother almost died, and it was “traumatizing”.

Bert Schwartz Gets Jumped

Bert Schwartz had been jumped outside of a bar. This caused him to become addicted to alcohol and he was given three months to live. This happened after he was diagnosed with cirrhosis, acute liver failure, and severe jaundice. However, he got three different liver transplants and is now doing better.

“I don’t drink or do any drugs or anything, I’m very healthy, I exercise, and I’ve just noticed the change in the wiring in my brain, too. I reflect on life a lot differently and see things a different way. It’s very interesting and it’s very enjoyable. I’ll say a lot of people, including my older brother here, have seen me at my worst, but now, they see me at my best. So, that’s the turnaround. I’m very grateful and [it’s] rewarding. I’m just high on life.”

This was a scary experience for their family.

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Tom Schwartz Speaks Out

Tom Schwartz spoke out on his brother. 

“I love you and I’m so f*cking happy that you’re just sitting here next to me right now,” the VPR star said. “It’s f*cking traumatizing. I’ve been savoring every moment I have with you, just knowing how close you were to not making it, brother. I know you’re full of gratitude and you’re committed to staying healthy and sober.”

Bert’s dream is to move to LA and work in production. However, now that he is sober and doing better, this could be a possibility. 

Tom Schwartz Instagram
Tom Schwartz Instagram

It seems that Bert was close to dying and it was a hard experience for the entire family. However, he is currently sober and getting his life back in order. Tom is proud of his brother and is just thankful that he did not pass away like doctors thought he was going to. However, this made fans realize a lot is going on in people’s lives that they do not know about, and it is hard. What do you think about the situation? Sound off in the comments below.

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