Where Do Max Boyens And Tom Schwartz Stand Now?

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Fans are dying to know where Max Boyens and Tom Schwartz stand after he found out his best friend slept with his ex-wife, Katie Maloney. This was not meant to be public knowledge. However, Brock Davies was looking out for Tom Schwartz and felt he had a right to know. A lot of the cast members feel like Katie has a lot of double standards. Did Max ever apologize to Tom?

Tom Schwartz Finds Out About Hookup

Brock Davies took it into his own hands when it came to Tom Schwartz finding out about his best friend sleeping with his ex-wife. Scheana Shay has the majority of their locations and noticed the two were at the same place overnight.

“We were partying the other night and Katie left with somebody in your friend group. It’s your boy, bro. She f–ked your best friend, we sent a message, ‘Where are you at?’ His location was her house. Then he sent an emoji of a face, eyes and a straight line. Then he wrote, ‘It was bound to happen.’”

This shocked Schwartz and he did not know how to feel. He was in a state of denial for a good portion of the night. However, fans saw him confront Katie in a preview for next week’s episode.

Tom Schwartz-YouTube
Tom Schwartz-YouTube

Where Do The Two Stand?

It seems the two are now on good terms and Max did apologize to Tom. 

“He actually called me five days later. I could tell he felt so uncomfortable, then we went to get lunch and he was like, ‘Dude, I am so sorry.’ It was literally f–king alcohol and proximity. I’m not saying Katie was the aggressor, I think it was mutual, but I think Katie was on a mission.”

Katie denied her starting the situation and said Max was the one flirting with her and it progressed from there. What do you think is true?

Vanderpump Rules -Tom Schwartz Gushes About Winter House - Bravo
Vanderpump Rules -Tom Schwartz Gushes About Winter House – Bravo

It seems Max and Tom are back on good terms with no hard feelings. Tom does feel that Katie was the aggressor in the situation even though Katie says that is not true. However, it does take two in that situation, and both were at fault. Fans are wondering if Katie slept with Max to get back at Tom for kissing Scheana. It seems it happened only a night or two after she found out. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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