Scheana Shay Speaks Out On Ariana And Lala Reunion Fight

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Scheana Shay recently spoke out on the fight that happened between Ariana Madix and Lala Kent at the reunion. Lala has been seen sympathizing a little bit with Tom Sandoval on this season of Vanderpump Rules. However, fans know that Ariana Madix does not want to be associated with anyone who has anything to do with Tom Sandoval. This could be what started the friendship-ending fight.

Ariana Madix Cuts Out Friends

Ariana Madix has made it clear to her friends that she will cut them out if they are associated with Tom Sandoval. She is no longer friends with Tom Schwartz due to his association with Tom Sandoval. Scheana Shay also had to have conversations with him on a trip to Lake Tahoe. This made Ariana upset and that was that. However, Katie Maloney has been the one person by her side who has not even spoken to Tom Sandoval. He even tried to apologize to her when she was at their house. However, she was not having it.

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Scheana Shay Can Understand Where Lala Kent Is Coming From

Scheana Shay revealed that she could understand where Lala Kent was coming from when it came to the argument between Lala and Ariana.

“Here’s the thing, I understand Lala’s frustration, and I will say that, on the contrary, Lala has said a lot of things about me recently that I really appreciate, and I think she is loyal as hell, and she’s an incredible friend, after the reunion and finale airs, everyone will understand as well.”

Lisa Vanderpump also gave her opinion on the argument.

“I wouldn’t say Ariana eviscerated Lala, I don’t think Lala ever wastes any time letting anybody know what she feels, which is why we kind of like her.”

It seems the argument could have been over Lala Kent defending Tom Sandoval and his mental health. She may not think that he should still be receiving the backlash that he is.

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It seems that Scheana sees where Lala is coming from when it comes to the argument they have. However, it does not seem like there will be amends made anytime soon. Lala is not afraid to speak her mind and call people out. Ariana is also very strict with her friends and their involvement with Tom Sandoval. Will this be held against him forever? What do you think the argument was about? Sound off in the comments below.

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