‘Pump Rules’ Alum Claimed Lala Kent Would Stab & ‘Disfigure’ Her

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A Vanderpump Rules alum has claimed that Lala Kent would stab and “disfigure” her in a lawsuit brought against Bravo and NBCUniversal. This comes after the two were very good friends during their time on the show together. So, what allegedly transpired between the two? Keep reading for more details.

Pump Rules Alum Claimed Lala Kent Would Stab & ‘Disfigure’ Her

Lala Kent has gotten into it with many of her co-stars. She shoved Kristen Doute, called Rachel Leviss a “Bambi eyed b*tch,” and got into a screaming match with Billie Lee. These ladies have since departed the show but Kent has been called a bully, only getting worse. Kent continues to talk poorly about her current cast mates on her podcast. However, back in Season 4, she was a newbie, and she had one close friend in co-worker, Faith Stowers. Faith and Kent hung out with James Kennedy and Lisa Vanderpump’s son, Max. They also shared a hotel room and bed on the cast trip to Hawaii.

Faith Stowers-Instagram
Faith Stowers-Instagram

By Season 6, Faith was no longer on the show but she resurfaced when she slept with Jax Taylor while he was dating Brittany Cartwright. By the end of Season 8, Faith’s name came up again. Kristen Doute and Stassi Schroeder had allegedly called the cops on her for something she did not do, so it was considered racially motivated. They were both fired and now, Faith is a hot topic once again, according to Radar Online. She had filed a lawsuit against Bravo and NBCUniversal with Kent as the focus.

In it, Faith Stowers alleges she was worried that Lala Kent would “stab, slice, or disfigure her.” More so, she was told to “get along” with her co-star. She went on to say that she was “violently assaulted” by Kent and it went down in the dining room of SUR. They were “arguing over Stowers’s disclosure of something Kent believed was said in confidence.”

“Kent became severely agitated, losing all self-control and hurling barbs at Stowers. Stowers and Kent retreated to a backroom, with Kent still screaming. With the cameras rolling, Kent grabbed a knife from a nearby counter and began brandishing it at Stowers, holding it to her neck and threatening to ‘cut a b—-.'”

The Terrifying Moment

Faith Stowers went on to share the moment when Lala Kent was supposedly “wielding” a knife so she knew this was serious. It was clear she was in “danger” and scared that Kent “would stab, slice, or disfigure her.” In her opinion, Faith felt that if she did anything to stop her co-star, she would be “stereotyped due to her race” and/or “blamed for the events.” When she eventually threatened to get the police involved, the network tried to cover up the incident. Termination was threatened if she could not find a way to be friendly with Kent.

What are your thoughts on this whole lawsuit? More so, what parts do you think are true? All of it, some of it, or none of it? Let us know in the comments and watch Vanderpump Rules Tuesdays on Bravo.

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