Michael Strahan’s Daughter, Isabella Cries Tears In Cancer Update

Isabella Strahan - YouTube

Good Morning America‘s Michael Strahan might feel choked up as his daughter Isabella Strahan revealed some good news while crying happy tears on April 10. Ever since her dad said on the talk show that his daughter fought against brain cancer, she’s kept her followers updated on social media.

 Isabella Strahan Was A College Freshman

The excitement of college was wiped away in an instant when Michael Strahan’s daughter discovered that she had medulloblastoma. She’d already had brain surgery in October last year but was admitted back into hospital. Initially, when she visited the ER for a fever, her condition wasn’t known. However, 12 hours later, medical professionals put her under and drained some excess fluid off her brain.

Isabella Strahan Selfie In 2022 - Instagram
Isabella Strahan Selfie In 2022 – Instagram

Good Morning America fans also heard from Isabella Strahan’s updates, that things seem to going a bit better now. Of course, Michael Strahan does everything he can to help her feel better. In mid-March, he arranged a special treat for her. Because she loves the music of Bryson Tiller he arranged a surprise visit. At the time, she was so happy that she nearly cried before they played with some Legos.

Michael Strahan’s 19-Year-Old Daughter Cries

After she heard some news this week, she quickly shared it on her YouTube Vlog with her Good Morning America followers and friends. Michael Strahan’s daughter said:

I’m like happy…These are happy tears…It’s not even considering crying when it’s happy tears. My doctor just called me and told me I only have to do two more rounds of chemo. It’s like the biggest thing [as] I’ll be done in May and I can kind of try and have a summer to feel better. I’m so happy because I thought I would be done at the end of July.

Isabella Strahan Before Brain Drainage Surgery - YouTube
Isabella Strahan Before Brain Drainage Surgery – YouTube

Isabella Strahan mentioned that the timing is great for her. After all, it means that she doesn’t need to do “six rounds” of chemo, and that means she won’t have to go straight “back to school” after her treatment ends. Plus, there’s the fact that chemo hits her hard, so she won’t have to worry about it for a while.

In the comments section, many people sent her their thoughts and their love. She has many followers who pray for her:

  • Baby Girl let those TEARS FLOW, GOD IS GOOD, GREAT NEWS ️️.
  • Love to see the big smiles and happy tears! Keep shining!
  • Isabella you are SO beautiful!!! You are inspiring the world with your amazing courage and positive energy!! You are a SUPERSTAR!!!
  • happy for you. When Sophia came in the door, I started back crying again, so glad she came to see you. That smile is priceless and keeps smiling.

Are you happy for Isabella? Do her happy tears make you also want to cry? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Good Morning America news.

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  1. what a beautiful and happy way for you to start your summer. e free and happy and have yourself a great time. God hears all prayers, his will be done. I’m just so elated for you. You deserve a long happy life. God bless you 🙏🏼👸🏼

  2. I am praying for your healing.God will take care of you just know your healing is on the way,Stay strong pray and try not to worry,Every day is a blessing .🙏

  3. Isabella, I’m so happy for you and your great news!! I’m over here crying for you even tho I don’t know you! I can relate tho to hearing good news about cancer and being so happy that you’re in tears. I have cancer too and when I get good news about a scan, which I have tomorrow by the way. it always makes me cry with relief!! God bless you sweet girl, I’m praying for you everyday!! 🙏

  4. “Oh my people, trust in him at all times. Pour out your heart to Him, for God is our refuge” Psalm 62:8, NLT
    God loves you. Keep your faith and trust in Him.

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