Fans Are Asking Where Is Wendy Williams, Really?

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Since the release of the Where Is Wendy Williams docuseries, fans have been wondering just that. Several people took to Reddit to discuss the former daytime TV host’s whereabouts. Here is what has been revealed about where Wendy Williams is and if she’ll ever be back in the spotlight.

Where In The World Is Wendy Williams?

One Reddit user took to the platform to ask the question that everyone seems to be wondering since the release of the Lifetime doc: where in the world is Wendy Williams?

“I know the public is not owed anything, but this is almost starting to get a Shelly Miscavige vibe, right? As far as we know, her family still doesn’t know where she is. We never see a photo of her (unlike other celebrities who were under guardianships/conservatorships and/or were diagnosed with dementia). It’s like she disappeared,” they started the discussion.

Later, the person edited the post to acknowledge that they knew Wendy was in a facility. However, they pointed out that it seems like the former daytime TV host has completely disappeared.

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A number of people took to the comments to weigh in on the situation. Of course, several Reddit users pointed out that the docuseries states that she’s gone into a long-term care facility.

One person wrote, “The doc wrapped filming over a year ago, and she called her own brother Kevin. God knows how much worse she is now. She might not ever leave the facility she’s in.”

They continued, “This sad irrational part of me hoped she’d stroll out in a fur, get a new show, and kick ass and take names, maybe become the sobriety advocate she talked about when she cried over Whitney. But the truth is she’s gone.”

Another Reddit user chimed in, “Yet, there is Kevin Sr. suing her for whatever else he can squeeze out of her. Hopefully, whomever is looking after her finances has her best interest at heart.”

Kevin Hunter Sues For Money He’s Owed

Despite her condition, Wendy Williams’ ex-husband Kevin Hunter has brought up their divorce agreement again in court. Documents showed that Kevin is pushing Wendy’s financial guardian to provide bank statements to prove that the former TV star is broke.

Kevin Hunter was receiving monthly payments from Wendy Williams after their divorce. Once Wells Fargo froze her accounts and requested that she have a financial guardian, payments to Kevin Hunter stopped. He has expressed that this has had a significant impact on his way of life.

Wendy Williams' net worth - YouTube, Lifetime

He is requesting bank statements, demanding that his payments be restarted, and asking for back pay on what he’s owed. The issue is ongoing and has not yet been resolved in the courts.

You can stream Where Is Wendy Williams on Prime Video or through the Lifetime app.

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