‘The Price Is Right’ Fans Livid Over Show Being Taken Off Air

Drew Carey - YouTube, The Price Is Right

Fans of The Price Is Right are upset after the show was abruptly taken off air last week. The show was interrupted by a breaking news report, but viewers don’t think the breakaway from the popular game show was necessary. Why was The Price Is Right taken off the air and when will it return? Keep reading to find out.

The Price Is Right Gets Interrupted By An Earthquake

On Friday, viewers were dismayed when The Price Is Right broadcast was suddenly cut off. The schedule change was due to a magnitude 4.8 earthquake that happened outside of New York City.

The earthquake struck at 10:23 a.m. EST and it was felt in Baltimore, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, New York, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire. Reports state that the epicenter of the quake was in Whitehouse Station, New Jersey. That is about an hour west of NYC. There was no major damage and no fatalities reported in connection with the tremor.

Drew Carey - YouTube, The Price Is Right
YouTube/The Price Is Right

News reports about the quake interrupted regular daytime TV programming. Fans of The Price Is Right took to an online thread to vent about the disruption.

“Yes, I felt the rumble. No, I don’t need the news interviewing random people to ask them if they felt the shake,” one viewer vented. Another agreed, “I never understood that. There are no reports of major damage. There is no danger. Just put a crawl at the bottom.” A third wrote, “I do hate the interruptions that come through when I’m trying to watch The Price is Right or any show.”

Several other people questioned why the news stations couldn’t wait until the top of the hour to report on the earthquake, especially since there was no damage. “Don’t interrupt my program,” one fan concluded.

Drew Carey’s Complete Transformation

Many viewers of The Price Is Right have noticed other big changes in the show. Specifically, there have been major changes with the show’s host Drew Carey. He has undergone a startling transformation and looks fantastic.

Carey, who started his weight loss journey in 2010, has lost more than 80 pounds and has been able to keep it off. He opened up about what he has done to improve his health and said that he has been cutting carbs. The Price Is Right host also incorporates a 45-minute cardio workout into his daily routine a few times each week.

Drew Carey and contestant - YouTube, The Price Is Right
YouTube/The Price Is Right

Amazingly, after making these changes, his type 2 diabetes went into remission. Getting that diagnosis and having a heart-to-heart with his doctor really lit a fire underneath him to get healthy.

“If you don’t do something, your life’s going to be shorter, and you’ll have these bad things to look forward to,” Drew shared what his doctor told him.

The Price Is Right is expected to resume its regular schedule on Monday, April 8.

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  1. he not only lost weight he shaved that damn beard off too and he looks a lot better! good job Drew! even though I don’t watch the show cuz I don’t care for game shows!

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