‘Gold Rush’ Parker Schnabel Shares What Was Made With Their Gold

Parker Schnabel - Gold Rush Discovery Channel - YouTube

In Season 14 of Gold Rush, Parker Schnabel saw the need to start strip-mining as the winter closed in, but this week, the gold from a previous project was made into something beautiful. Notably, it seems to indicate that the Discovery Channel star is not down to his last penny. What did he do with the gold? Keep reading to find out more.

Parker Schnabel Had Some Gold That He Kept For Himself

In October last year, Gold Rush fans saw that Tony Beets looked likely to do extremely well with his gold haul. At the same time, the drama focused on how John’s grandson looked likely to lose everything. Most fans believed that he’d have some common sense and some business advice to not risk his last dollar. However, it made for good television. It’s not clear if the end product that was shared recently came from that year of mining, or from elsewhere.

Parker Schnabel on Gold Rush - YouTube
Parker Schnabel on Gold Rush YouTube

Parker Schnabel gets around the world with his hunt for gold, and fans enjoy his mineral exploration work in places like South America. That’s why the spinoff, Parker’s Trail is also so popular. It seems that nothing can take away the fascination of the glittery metal from Roger and Nancy Schnabel’s son. Now that he shared more about what can happen with his gold, his appreciation for his childhood passion hits home.

Gold Rush Fans See The Magical Transformation Of Gold

On April 6, Parker shared some photos and a video of his gold that he took straight from the mining site. Many Discovery Channel fans found the reel fascinating because it took a lot of skill from his friend Bruce to turn it into something beautiful. Actually, it must have taken hours of work to turn out the many beautiful items, and one can only imagine how good it made the miner feel.

Gold Rush - Parker Schnabel Gold - Parker on Instagram
Gold Rush – Parker Schnabel Gold – Parker on Instagram

In his caption, Parker Schnabel told his Discovery Channel followers, “Pretty cool work a good friend Bruce has done with our gold…”

In the video, more information came from Bruce about the gold that he worked into beautiful items. He explained:

Two years ago, Parker came to my house and gave me a hundred ounces of his raw…gold, and said, ‘let’s make something beautiful.” So, I cleaned it, melted it, I drew it into wire and sheet, and I pounded it into rings and chains. As I worked it, it took on a life of its own.It was gorgeous! So, we made wedding rings for his friends, and chains, and earrings that Parker gave to people close to him.

Parker Schnabel also asked his friend to make “a cigar ashtray for Chris Doumitt,” using “10 ounces” of gold. Interestingly, the gold was described as “82 percent pure [and] unrefined.” Bruce said that it was “enchanting.”


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Gold Rush Fans Discuss Bruce And His Work

Discovery Channel fans took to the comments and expressed their admiration for the precious metal that the Gold Rush star mined, and the end product:

  • [Bruce] recently did a piece for my husband. So glad you get [to]  enjoy his knowledge and friendship as we do ❤
  • Wow!!! This is so awesome.
  • How fun is all that stuff. 👏
  • Woah beautiful!!
  • Chris got over a 20 grand ash tray😂
  • Really great products. But I would especially like to be able to buy a nugget pendant! ♡

What do you think of the lovely jewelry and trinkets that Parker Schnabel’s friend, Bruce made with his gold? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Gold Rush news.

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  1. Parker, what you did for your friends truly shows how down to earth you are, always stay as you are, we love gold rush watch it every friday night. Love you Parker

  2. I’ve enjoyed watching the show since day one. Parker has matured into a very wonderful man. business sense as well as humanity. I hope that he marries that beautiful aussie. God bless him and his family.

  3. is there a catalog or chance for ownership of a piece of gold rush history artifact(u’know) from the brother we watched grow up on t.v. we need more people like john , parker, moms ansd pop.

  4. Parker, you are a credit to your magnificent Grandpa, and a credit to your family, long may you outdo the arrogant Tony Beets, and hopefully leave him in your wake.

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