‘Mama June: Family Crisis’ Ella Grace Feels Unhappy, Why?

Ella Grace Usually looks Happy On Mama June - WeTV YouTube

This week, WeTV dropped a teaser for Friday’s episode of Mama June: Family Crisis, and in it, fans saw that Lauryn “Pumpkin” Efird’s daughter, Ella Grace was very unhappy. Usually, she’s a precocious child and full of smiles. So, what made her feel so sad? Read on to find out.

Ella Grace, Also Known As ‘Tinks’ Was Sad Once Before

When fans see Pumpkin’s daughter,6, they often see her testing the boundaries with her mom. Or, they see her zooming around on her bike. On other occasions, she’s with her little brothers, playing at being a nurturing mom. In 2020, Alana Thompson entered her in a pageant, despite Josh and Pumpkin hating the idea, and the little kid loved it. So, it’s seldom that WeTV fans see the cute kid looking unhappy.

Pumpkin daughter Ella Grace
Mama June: Family Crisis Starlet Ella Grace  – Pumpkin Instagram

Ella Grace did sound sad and whistful in Mama June: Family Crisis when June Shannon ran off with Geno Doak. While Doe Doe tried to find her sister and bring her home, young Tinks missed her grandmother a lot. Later, fans slammed June for claiming that she loved her “Tink.” Now, it’s time for June’s grandchild to feel unhappy again.

Mama June: Family Crisis Teaser Shows Unhappy Tinks

Justin Stroud shared a teaser by WeTV for the upcoming episode, and on Instagram, he said in the caption:

Ella was not happy 😢 tune in Friday for a new episode of @mamajune_wetv at 9/8c #mamajune_wetv #collegebound #upset #goingaway #party #wetv #familytime #familyfun #fridayvibes

In the reel, Ella Grace lay cuddled up to Alana Thompson and she seemed very unhappy. Crying, she told Alana, who wiped away her tears, “I wanna go with you.” Sadly, she had to tell her niece that she “can’t go” with her.

Other scenes revealed Alana claiming she’d see her mom in “jail” if necessary, probably over the missing money. Meanwhile, Pumpkin talked about not letting June Shannon “get away” with it. Anna “Chickadee” Cardwell said her goodbyes to Alana who was on her way to college. And, Ella’s grandmother planned her birthday week.

In the comments, a Mama June: Family Crisis fan talked about Ella Grace and how she probably didn’t initially understand the idea of Alana Thompson going to college. One of them said:

Didn’t Ella say earlier in a few episodes back that she wanted Alana to go to college already so she can have the other bed? Lol I love Ella she reminds me so much of Alana when she was that age.

What are your thoughts about Ella Grace being so unhappy because Alana Thompson was going to college? Do you think that it might be because she lost other people in her life like Geno Doak, and even June Shannon for a while? Additionally, she loved playing at pageantry with her aunt. Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Mama June: Family Crisis news.

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