‘Mama June’: Everything Known About Justin Stroud’s Children

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Justin Stroud, also known as Thomas Justin Stroud on Facebook has children, but Mama June: Family Crisis fans don’t see much about them. A few photos of his kids are on social media because of old accounts. While he interacts with the children in June Shannon’s family, the WeTV star doesn’t seem to see much of his own children. What is their story? Keep reading to find out more.

Justin Stroud Was Arrested & Faced Unpaid Child Support Charges

When Mama June Shannon revealed her now-36-year-old husband, everyone knew that he was younger than the WeTV star. Later, fans discovered that he worked as a mechanic in Alabama. Additionally, they found out he had been in rehab for drug addiction. Mama June got to know him via a former flame that she met on TikTok, and they tied the knot twice.

Mama June Shannon and her husband Justin - Feature
Mama June Shannon and her husband Justin – YouTube

Justin Stroud soon ran into trouble with the law because he’d left Alabama. The story that emerged was about him leaving Alabama while under probation. So, he ended up being arrested and extradited from Florida. According to The Sun he faced charges there for alleged non-payment of child support.

Mama June Fans Wonder About The Kids

On March 30, a fan of the show talked about June Shannon’s husband on Reddit. It revealed a picture of him with a child. In their caption, they asked:

Why doesn’t Justin ever have his kids?..Where are Justin’s kids? Why doesn’t he ever have them? He claims to have 4 on his older fb profiles. He seemed to be present in their lives before.

Justin Stroud And His Child - Facebook Via Reddit
Justin Stroud And A Child – Facebook Via Reddit

In the comments, lots of Mama June fans had their opinions to offer about Justin Stroud. Here are some of them:

  • June [Shannon] already paid his back child support of$10,000.
  • He was just arrested in like 2022 for being 10k behind in child support. So I’m pretty sure he’s court ordered. But I wonder why he never even mentions he has kids?
  • Probably the Mother(s?) of his kids don’t want them to be a part of this show.
    If he mentions them, there are people who will take what little they know, track them down & invade the privacy of innocent kids who had no choice who their sperm donor was. Better to keep them safe.
  • I don’t know but if I was his baby mama I don’t think I would want June anywhere near my kids…
  • He has a daughter & son. 2 different moms. The other 2 boys in pics he posted aren’t his kids.
  • If I had to guess, he gave up his parental rights. He doesn’t want them in his life and June would never pay a monthly support for him, never.

What are your thoughts about Justin Stroud not seeming to be in the life of his children? Sound off in the comments below and come back here for all your news about Mama June: Family Crisis.

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