‘Mama June: Family Crisis’: Jennifer Enters Harper In Same Pageant As Ella Grace – Fans Disgusted

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Mama June: Family Crisis brought out a preview that showed Alana entered her niece, Ella Grace, in a pageant. She seemed thrilled when Pumpkin agreed to it. After all, it would help take the focus off the family’s problems. But Jennifer, Sugar Bear’s wife also entered her granddaughter Harper in the same pageant, and fans are disgusted.

Mama June: Family Crisis – Honey Boo Boo and the pageant for Ella Grace

TV Shows Ace reported that Ella Grace was entered into a pageant by Alana (Honey Boo Boo). It came when Pumpkin and Josh went out and Alana babysat Ella Grace for them. Josh seemed a bit upset, as when they returned, Ella wore a tutu and had lipstick smeared all over her face. Pumpkin said that at least Alana never got up to mischief on “social media.” Recall Honey Boo Boo previously got into trouble for “pretending” to snort cocaine.

Alana then told Josh and Pumpkin that she also enrolled Ella Grace in a pageant. Josh reminded Pumpkin that she never wanted her daughter in pageants. But, Mama June: Family Crisis fans saw that Pumpkin felt it might help take their minds off all the drama with their mom. So happy, Alana never even groaned when Pumpkin reminded her she still needed to spend the next day with Sugar Bear and Jennifer. But Alana can’t keep a secret, so Jennifer heard about the pageant. Then, she entered her grandchild Harper in the same pageant, Meaww noted.

Fans furious with Jennifer over Haper in the pageant

During the episode that aired on May 15, fans then saw that Jennifer couldn’t let Honey Boo Boo do anything. Fans think that Jennifer always tries to out-best Mama June and gets way too involved with Honey Boo Boo. Many of them think she weaponizes the teen to get at June. Over on Twitter, disgusted fans lambasted Jennifer. And, Sugar Bear never went unscathed either. One fan fervently hoped all these toxic relationships are edited by WEtv, as his family life seems terrible.

One Mama June: Family Crisis critic wrote, “Here go Jennifer putting Harper in the pageant. of course, Monkey see, monkey do!” Another one noted, “Watching tonights show and Jennifer is so wrong for using her granddaughter to get to pumpkin. Thats just wrong, (sic).” One fan grew really irritated after Jennifer appeared to not like Sugar Bear responding to Ella Grace. That critic wrote, “Jennifer seriously cant be that petty she elbowed Sugar Bear for clapping for Ella? Wow 🤦‍♀️. And can I just say Ella killed it, (sic).”


What do you think about Jennifer entering Haper in the same pageant as Ella Grace? Did it make you angry as well? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. Jennifer needs to stay out of Honney boo boos life! She was only the stepmother aka WICKED UGLY STEPMOTHER! GET A LIFE JENNIFER! MIND UR OWN BUSINESS NASY THING!

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