Alana Thompson Threatening Mama June Over Stolen Cash

Alana Thompson and June Shannon from Mama June: Family Crisis, weTV, sourced from YouTube

Reality TV star Alana Thompson is butting heads with her mother, Mama June Shannon. The pair have had severe disagreements over the years, but this dispute very well could end up in a courtroom.

As seen on the show, Alana believes her mother stole money from her. Now, reports indicate she may take legal action against June.

Keep reading to get the scoop and see what could happen next.

Alana Thompson Feels Mortified Her Mother Spent Her Money

During a recent episode of Mama June: Family Crisis, the family sits down to go over Alana Thompson’s finances. Since she’s been on television since she was a little girl, she fully expected to have a significant amount of money in the account to cover her college expenses.

Unfortunately, it seems that the funds were much lower than they anticipated. Alana earned quite a bit from her time on Dancing With The Stars: Juniors in 2018 and they were counting on that to help pay for college. So where did the money go?

Alana Thompson from Mama June: Family Crisis, weTV, sourced from YouTube
Mama June: Family Crisis/WEtv

Since Alana Thompson spent so much of her life on television, she believed she had quite a bit of money saved up. Unfortunately, it seemed that someone was taking money out of the account without her knowledge.

As Alana and her older sister Pumpkin crunch the numbers, they realize there was a substantial amount missing without any reasonable explanation. June chimes in that some of the money had to go to cover taxes, but the sisters insist that couldn’t be possible. Pumpkin said the percentage missing was much higher than the government would take for taxes.

After some pressing, June admits she took some of the money to cover living costs such as hair appointments, lash appointments, and even a home.

Check out the clip here:

Thankfully, Honey Boo Boo Still Got To Attend College

Fans know these episodes were filmed quite some time ago. And as per TMZ, Alana Thompson is currently enrolled in college in Colorado where she studies nursing. It’s unfortunate that so much of Alana’s money was taken from her, but she did manage to pay for college with the help of a $21,000 scholarship.

The amount of money missing is definitely not something to be brushed aside, however. Outlets like TMZ now believe that Alana may choose to pursue legal action against her mother in hopes of recovering some of the lost money. After all the drama June Shannon put the family through in the past, it’s definitely not outside the realm of possibility.

What do you make of the situation? Will June Shannon and Alana Thompson end up in court over money? Share what you think in the comments.

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